Census 1910
James D. Mixon - Florida - Marion County - District 101

James D. Mixon age 62 (my great grandfather)
(The following sons were listed but their names/ages are mixed up)
 Charlie B. Mixon son, age 23 (Charles Ben would have been 19)
  Henry Mixon son, age 19 (Henry would have been 24)
Wilbur Mixson 12 (my grandfather) age 12 (Wilbur would have been 21)
Charlie Mixon son age 8 (had no children his age, perhaps a cousin?)
Maxey Mixon 65
(In the census Maxey is listed as "brother" but Maxey was James's son and would have been 11.   It may be that James' brother Charles was there at the time who would have been 64/65)


Census 1910