Elijah Mixon, son of George and Elizabeth Mixon, was b. in Hyde County, North Carolina ca. 1740, d. in Beaufort County late 1816, or early 1817. He executed his last will and testament on Dec. 20, 1816, which was filed at the March Court, 1817. He named as Executors, his wife Naomi Condre, b. 1747, d. 1779, his son, Henry and William Windley, his friend.


Name of his first wife is not known, but his second wife was Naomi Condre, widow of William Condre who had received a land grant in Martin County (adjoining Beaufort Co.) Nov. 10, 1784. They probably married about 1790. On Feb. 5, 1813, Naomi joined her son in a deed of sale to the Martin County lands.

It is thought that Elijah's first wife was a Gaylord. Elijah had some land transactions with that family, and so did John Mixson, his son, and later Elijah's son, William Mixon (a grandson of Elijah, Sr.) bought lands from the Gaylords.

Elijah must have taken over the 300 acre plantation of his father by or before the time Salathiel left, 1756 or 1757, and it was here he married and raised his family and spent his days.


1790 Beaufort, NC, Elijah Mixon, males <16:5, >=16:2, females: 2

1800 Beaufort, NC, Elijah Mixon, Sr, Males: 10-15:1, 16-25:1, 26-44:1, >=45:1; females: 16-25:1, 16-25:1, >=45:1                

1810 Beaufort, NC, Elijah Mixon, Males: 10-15:1, 16-25:1, >=45:1; females: 16-25:1, >=45:1 (this could be Elijah Jr)

He had married by or before 1765, and the following is a projected list of his children from his first wife all information obtained:

16 Hannah Mixon - b. ca. 1767, probably the wife of William Windley. They had no children. He had a lot of property and made his will in Sept., 1834, bequests to his wife and others. Hannah Mixon made her will in August, 1842, and made a bequest to a dau. of a niece.

17 George Mixon - b. ca. 1770, d. 1811, intestate. Elijah Mixon (Sr.) was Administrator. He had three sons and one or two daughters. Some of them grown and had left home at the time of his death. His wife had preceded him in death. Names of any children not known.

18 Elizabeth Mixon - b. ca. 1772, m. Joseph Gautier.

19 John Mixson (He witnessed a deed and used that spelling) - Married Mary _____ (Price?) about 1800. Died "n early spring of 1809. Mary was named Administratrix of his estate. Bond 1000 pounds, with B. Cox, William Bonner and Abraham Price as her securities. 1810 census shows her with two sons under age 10. Later records indicate that one was named John.

*20 Elijah Mixon, Jr. - b, ca. 1775

21 Henry Mixon - b. ca. 1780. From census records he had at least one son and four daughters. His father willed to him all his real estate and personal property less the dower interests belonging to his wife. The lands on north side of the river were sold by 1830 and a new purchase was made on south side of the Pamlico River not far from Zedekiah Mixon. Henry is mentioned several times in Court Minutes as a juror and once or twice as an administrator. He probably died before 1850 as he is not shown in that census. In 1852 the lands were sold by Lavinia Mixon (probably his widow), William H. Mixon (evidently his son), and Ellen Mixon. William H. Mixon is shown w with his family in 1860 census.

Census: 1860 Goose Creek, Beaufort,  NC, age, 38, wife M.H. Mixon, age 40; John Mixon, age 22, Elizabeth Volivia, age 18; Henry Mixon, age 10; Mary Mixon, age 8; Elijah Mixon, age 4; Sarah Mixon, age 2; also a Elizabeth Watson-81 living with them. 

Note: Elizabeth Voliva might not have been a dau. as there was a William Voliva, wife Mary Louisa, living in Beaufort Co., NC who had a dau. Elizabeth at that time so this Elizabeth could have been staying with the Mixon’s.

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