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Mixon-Mixson Genealogy


Josiah Seth Mixson, son of William J. and Sarah Ann Johnston Mixson, was b. in Barnwell County, SC, April 29,1836, d. April 22, 1899, , bur. Swallow Savannah Cemetery, Allendale, SC  . He graduated from the Citadel with honors, became a farmer, a teacher, a justice of the peace and a surveyor, having surveyed county lines for two counties adjoining Barnwell. A member and a leader in the Masonic Fraternity, he was accorded a lifelong membership in the Barnwell and the Allendale Masonic Lodges, the double membership accorded him in recognition of his outstanding services to his community. He also was a Confederate Soldier serving as a Lieutenant. On Dec. 21, 1859, he m. Caroline Martha Brabham - b. - b. Apr. 28, 1849, d. Apr. 12, 1918, d. Apr. 12, 1918, bur Swallow Savannah Cemetery, Allendale County, SC, dau. of Hampton and Harriett Brabham.


1860 Barnwell, SC, age 24, wife Carrie-20

1880 Allendale, Barnwell, SC, J.S. Mixson age 44, wife Carrie-40; children: R C-15, S H-13, J B-10,A K-8, B J-6, E M-4, J S-2

1900 Allendale, Barnwell, SC, widow Carrie M-60, children: Gertruude A-10, Sarah H-33 and husband Frank G Boineau-34 and children Ernestine-7, Margret C-4, Sarah H-7mo


*779 William Hampton Mixson - b. Oct. 18, 1860, d. Sep. 26, 1965

*780 Robert Campbell Mixson - b. 1865, d. 1912

*781 Sarah Harriett Mixson - b. ca. 1866, m. Franklin G. Boineru, April 14, 1890

*782 John Brabham Mixson - b. ca. 1869, d. Jan 14, 1938

*783 Archibald Kirkland Mixson - b. ca. 1872

*784 Benjamin Johnston Mixson - b. Feb. 3, 1874, d. Jul 17, 1954

*785 Edward Miles Mixson - b. Apr 21, 1876, d. Nov 9, 1925

*786 Josiah Seth Mixson, Jr. - b. May 10, 1878, d. Nov. 8, 1931

*787 Alice Gertrude Mixson - b. Oct. 22, 1880, d. May 26, 1969 , m. H. Martin Ostendorff.

*788 Mary Enid Mixson - b. Apr. 29, 1886, d. Aug 19, 1974, m. Daniel Q. Towles.



Frank Maner Mixson, son of of William J. and Sarah Ann Johnston Mixson, was . b. Dec. 5, 1846 d. Nov. 5, 1911, m. 1872 to Ella Wise b. Jul 25, 1851, d. Nov 19, 1928.  Both bur. Elmwood Memorial Gardens, Columbia, Richland County, SC


Frank Maner Mixson was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Civil war and after the war he was a prominent citizen in South Carolina and was known as Colonel Mixson. In February 1893 he was in a special party from South Carolina sent to Washington attend President Cleveland’s second inauguration and in May of that year attended a conference at the Governor’s mansion.  When a reporter asked about the conference was told “What conference to you mean?” but it was known the meeting was to discuss the railroad’s fight against the state collecting of taxes on them. (Pickens Sentinel, Pickens, SC, May 11, 1893).  F. M. Mixson became the State Liquor Commissioner under Governor Evans in 1895 and over the next few years was often in the news about the state Dispensary enforcement of the liquor laws and in scandals about the taking of rebates.

See more "Col. F. M. Mixson and the Whiskey Wars"



By Frank M. Mixson (C.S.A.).
The State Company, Columbia, SC, 1910, p. 11

 See Open Library for full text of Reminescences Of A Private

The author of these reminescences (F. M. Mixson) was born at Barnwell Courthouse, South Carolina on the 5th day of December, 1846. I was the nineteenth and the youngest child of Wm. J. and Sarah Ann Mixson. My father died when I was six years old, leaving my mother a large family to see after. My father, Wm. J. Mixson was recognized as one of the best men of Barnwell District and had the reputation of being one of the most truthful and honest and best men of the state. He was familiarly known as "Uncle Billy" and his word was always taken without dispute. My mother, before her marriage, was Sarah Ann Johnston from the lower part of Barnwell District, now Hampton County. She was highly connected with the best people of the lower section of the state. She was a woman of great business capacity, being very energetic, fine business ability and quite industrious. They married quite young and raised a large family.

Of my parents' families I know very little.

My father had four brothers, Joyce, Charles, Archie and Miles all of whom lived in the lower part of Barnwell District, between Johnston's landing and Matthews bluff, on the Savannah River. They all had good sized families. Early in the 1850s they all moved to Florida with their families and that state is now thickly populated with Mixsons and Mixson descendants. Father also had four sisters. Aunt Experience married Ben Brown and afterwards Fogler. Aunt Sarah also married a Brown (Josiah). Aunt Levicy married Robert Kirkland of Buford's Bridge. Aunt Hanson married James Darlington of the Cypress Chapel Section.

All these had families and were well to do in this world's goods. My mother had, so far as I am informed, two brothers, Uncle Joe Johnston being the oldest. He remained in the state, his home being in the upper part of Beaufort District, now Hampton County. He, too, was well off in this world's goods. He at one time represented his district in the Legislature. Uncle Ben Johnston moved to Shreveport, LA, before the war and amassed quite a fortune.

Mother had three sisters:

Aunt Charlotte married Amos Smart of the Allendale Section.
Aunt Jerusha married Henry Best of the Allendale Section.
Aunt Elizabeth married. ______ Whorton of Bainbridge, GA

At the death of my father, mother immediately administered on the estate and she decided it best to take her share and have the children's portion put in the hands of guardians; consequently she had everything sold, including about sixty-five negroes. This being converted into money, the guardians of those under age were placed in charge of it for their respective charges. It happened to be my fortunate lot to have as my guardian the Hon. James J. Wilson, then State Senator, and that time a practicing attorney at the Barnwell Bar. He, however, did not remain long in Barnwell after taking me in charge, but returned to his plantation on the Four Mile section of Barnwell District near the Savannah River, which is in the Ellentor, Section. I went with him and was treated as a child by both Mr. and Mrs. Wilson.


About the first of the year 1860 1 returned to the Four Mile, I found that during my absence a young physician, Dr. Martin Bellinger had located in that section and had taken board at our house; and also a nephew of Mrs. Wilson's had lately come to study law under Mr. Wilson. I made fast friends with both these gentlemen, especially, Dr. Bellinger.


U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970, Volume: 197, mother Sarah Ann Johnston, Spouse Ella Wise. SAR Membership Number: 39268.


1880 Augusta, Richmond, GA, Frank Mixon age 32, wife Lelia-28; children: James-7, William-6, Minnie-8mo, birth place South Carolina staying with aunt Sarah Richmond-44

1900 Columbia Ward 1, Richland, SC, age 52, wife Ella-49, children: Maner-21, Crimmins-18, Julia H-15

1910 Orangeburg Ward 5, Orangeburg, SC, age 63, wife Elsey W-60, children: J Crien-28, Fannie F-22, Julia H-24


Frank Maner m. Ella Wise, Children:

16732 James Wilson Mixson – b. Oct 25, 1872, d. Jan 25, 1934, m. Mary Katherine Watson, b. abt 1872, d. Jul 19, 1952.  Both bur. Episcopalian Cemetery, Union County, SC.  Note: Mary was DAR #11556
James Wilson Mixson was a stenographer for the Sixth Circuit court in South Carolina.  He resigned from the position after being involved in the taking of “rebates” from whiskey distributors while his father was the State Liquor Commissioner.  See “The Whiskey Wars

Census: 1910 Union, Union, SC, age 37, wife Mamie-37, children: Marvin W-4mo

1920 Union, Union, SC, age 48, wife Mary W-48, children: Marion-10, Helen-8 1930 Union, Union, SC, age 57, wife Hellen-43, children: Marion-20, Hellen-18


19903 Marvin W. Mixson – b. 1910

19904 Hellen Mixson – b. abt 1912

X199 William Terrence Mixson -  b. Dec 5, 1873, d. Aug 12, 1948, m. Alice Moroso see death cert.  Bur. Elmwood Memorial Gardens, Columbia, Richland County, SC
William Terrence Mixson, or WT Mixson as he was know by, was a well-known bicyclist of considerable note, winning many races in 1895-1897 and later went into business called Richard & Mixson which dealt in bicycles and general repairs and plumber supplies. WT was involved in the taking of “rebates” ” from whiskey distributors while his father was the State Liquor Commissioner.  See “The Whiskey Wars”.

Charlotte, W.T. Mixson one second in the 5 mile and 1/2 mile races. The Morning News, Savannah, GA, May 22, 1894

Newberry, Virginia: W.T. Mixson winds first place in the half mile handicap, second in the one mile open.  The Watchman and Southron, Aug 07, 1895  

August 27 in Jacksonville Florida races W. T. Mixson takes second in the one mile race. The Morning News, Savanah, GA,Aug 28, 1895  
One of the most enterprising and hustling firms in Columbia is that of the Richard & Mixson, dealers in bicycles and general repairers and plumbers.  They are now building an addition to their store, being too crowded in the one they occupy, which they will use as an enameling and plumbing shop. They now manufacture a bicycle which they call the "Palmetto."  It sells for $85, and they claim that it is as good as any wheel manufactured at no matter what price. They thoroughly guarantee it to be free from imperfections in material and workmanship and will make good any defective parts within one year after date of sale   Col. F.M Mixson in the Union Times, Union, SC, Sept 18, 1896 About June 1st my two boys entered into a copartnership under the firm name of J.W. Mixon & Co., bicycles, and the latter part of that month J.W went to Cincinnati to keep an appointment with a bicycle manufacturing firm.

19905 Frances Maner “Maner” Mixson – b. Aug 28, 1880, d. Sep 7, 1970 (dau.) m. William Augustus Coleman b. Mar 27, 1880, d. Oct 17, 1938, mayor of Columbia SC from 1922-1926.  Both bur. Elmwood Memorial Gardens, Columbia, Richland County, SC.

16733 J. Crimmins Mixson – b. 1882, d. 1929, bur. Elmwood Memorial Gardens, Columbia, Richland County, SC, m. Frances Wallace Thomas, b. May 22, 1888, d. May 24, 1983

19906 Julia H. Mixson – b. abt 1884,  m. Charles Barr Speer, b. Jun 29, 1881

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