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Mixon-Mixson Genealogy


CA 1742-1805


Micah Mixon, son of John Mixon IV and his wife, was b. in South Carolina ca. 1742, d. in Darlington District after making his will dated Mar.14, 1805, which was filed May 11, 1805.  Micah Mixon is the way he signed his name to his will made in 1805.  Some land grants were made to him by the Crown in the name of Michael Mixon, later grants (two of them) made by the State of South Carolina, to Micha Mixson. 

Micah is the form of spelling used by his descendants.


1790 St Thomas, Cheraws District, SC Miach Mixon, males: under 16:4, 16 and over:2; females: 4

1800 Prince Williams, Beaufort, SC, Michael Mixon, males: under 10:2, 16-25:1; females: 16-25:1


Heads of Farms. at the first U.S. census. SC. By U.S. Bureau of the Census. Washington, 1908. Vol 119, p. 105, Micah Mixon, b. 1750, South Carolina

U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900, Micah Mixon, b. 1742. M. Lydia Williamson, b. 1750 Family Data Collection – Marriages Micah Michael Mixon m. Lydia Williamson Aug 25, 1778, Darlington, Co, SC


He was an extensive planter and owned over1000 acres of land acquired mainly by land grants, some two or three of which were made in the name of Michael Mixon. Since there were two other Michael Mixons in that area at the time, and since he probably had always been called "Micha" from childhood up, he chose to use the name Micha. He also owned a good many slaves.

In his will, he names his ten children, making a bequest to each, and then again he mentions his five oldest children, then his five youngest children, which would seem evident here that he had married the second time, having five children by his first wife and five children by his last wife. He supported the Revolutionary cause and drew pay for the contribution he made. The following are his children in the order named by him (twice) in the will:

975 Susannah Mixon - b. ca. 1765

*19260 Meridth Mixon, s. possibly of Michal Mixon and Lydia Williamson, was b. 1765 in Cheraws, South Carolina, d. Abt 1829

*976 Jehu Mixon - b. ca. 1767

977 Anna Mixon - b. ca. 1769, m. Jeremiah Balk

978 Frances Mixon - b. 1771

*979 William Mixon - b. 1773

980 Mary Mixon - b. 1779

981 John Mixon - b. 1780

*982 C. Micah Mixon - b. 1781

983 Elizabeth Mixon - b. ca. 1782 (One record says May 27, 1790), m. ____ Fields

*984 Samuel Mixon - b. 1783 (One record says 1793, War of 1812 says 1783)


From Journal of Rev. Evan Pugh: "Michael Mixon married 25 August, 1778, Mary Russell, by Rev. Evan Pugh at Cashua." (This could have been Micha's second wife, or, this could have been another one of the Michael Mixons in that area).

*3197 John (Jehu) Mixon – b. 1800, d. 1839


Michael mentioned no wife in his will, therefore, he was a widower at the time. He did mention, however, Jonathan Williamson, directing his executor to carry out the agreement he had made with him. (One record states Mr. Williamson was his father-in-law, father of Lydia). Children:

*19260 Meridth Mixon – b. 1765, d. abt 1829


In 1765, Thomas Hillburn made his last will and testament and made a bequest or gift to Susannah, dau. of William and Abigail Mixon,100 acres of land, being a part of 200 acres he had bought from Jonathan Rowell, said land in the Cashua Neck. Since Micha had a daughter Susannah born about that year, and since William Mixon, Executor of Micha's estate, sold 100 acres of land located on headwaters of Buckalews Branch flowing into Black Creek, it being 100 acres of the 200 acre grant made to Jonathan Rowell; and since no other William Mixon of that age group has been found in or near the Welch Tract, is it possible that Micha's full name was William Michael Mixon?

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