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Mixon-Mixson Genealogy


Joel Mixon, son of Jehu and Phereby Belk Mixon, was b. in Darlington Dist., SC, April 1, 1796, d. in Jackson Parish, LA, Nov. 26, 1859. About 1814, he m. Phereby Phillen (sometimes spelled Filand) - b. July15, 1795, d. April 2, 1860.  Both bur. Sibley Cemetery, Sibley, LA. They lived in Darlington District just a few years and their first two children were born there, but had moved to Wilcox County, AL ca. 1819, where the remainder of the children were born. Just prior to 1840, they moved to Union Parish, LA, where they are shown in the 1840 census. He is shown in the 1850 census of Jackson Parish. He had purchased several grants of Public Lands before his death, owning over 3000 acres, all of which was left to his descendants. His son was administrator of the estate, the personal property was sold, which amounted to $37,184.25.


1830 Wilcox, AL, Joel Mixon, males: under 5:2, 5-9:1, 30-39:1; females: under 5:1, 5-9:1, 15-19:2; 30-39:1

1840 Union, AL, Joel Mixon,  males: 5-9:1, 10-14:2, 15-19:1, 20-49:1; females: 5-9:1, 10-14:1, 40-49:1

1850 Jackson, LA, age-54 wife Ferba-54 Their children:

Their children:

1038 Elizabeth Wiles Mixon - b. Dec. 28, 1814 in Darlington District, S. C., d. Feb. 13, 1897 in Wilcox County, Ala., m. Isaiah Jeremiah Hestle, Dec. 16, 1830 in Wilcox County, b. Dec., 1809, d. May 11, 1893. Both bur Liberty Methodist Church Cemetery, Hestle, AL.  All following children were born in Wilcox County:

5104 Margaret J. Hestle - b. Dec. 21, 1835, d. Oct. 30, 1867, m. ____  Doak

18001 Angeline Hestle - b. Mar. 1, 1838, d. Jul. 17, 1847

5105 Mary E. Hestle - b. 1840, m. ____ Jones

5106 William Jasper Hestle - b. May 19, 1842, d. Jan. 22, 1910, m. Elizabeth Laverna Powe, b. Aug. 24, 1845, d. Feb. 6, 1935

18003 Ophelia Hestle - b. Aug. 19, 1847, d. Dec. 18, 1923, m. R. H. G. Gaines, b. Nov. 3, 1841, d. Jun. 12, 1922

10802 Dixon Hestle - b. Jun. 26, 1845, d. Apr. 21, 1849

*5107 Anna Eliza Ophelia Hestle - b. 1846

5108 Virginia Hestle - b. 1849

5109 Amanda Hestle - b.

1039 Pamela Ann Mixon - b. Oct. 22, 1815, d. Nov. 22, 1874, m. (1) William Mason, b. Jan. 18, 1765, d. Nov. 14, 1836, bur. Hasley Cemetery, West Monroe, LA.  Children:

18228 Joseph Mason - b. May 12, 1833, d. Jul. 15, 1836, bur. Hasley Cemetery, West Monroe, LA

Pamela m. (2) May 17, 1832 to William Wood Farmer, b. Apr. 27, 1813, d. Oct. 23, 1854, an attorney. They moved to LA, where he d. Oct. 29, 1854. He was Lt. Gov. of the state, contracted yellow fever, d. in New Orleans.

From: Book "A", p. 486, Succession Records, Union Parish, LA

WILLIAM W. FARMER, Monroe, LA, d. 1854, leaving widow,




JOEL MIXON appointed under tutor, Nov. 9, 1855.

IBID. Book A-1, p. 483 Jan. 7, 1868

Charles Morrison, Administrator of the estate of W. W. Farmer. Wife, Permelia A, Farmer Fannie Farmer.

(William Mills Farmer riot listed. He had died).

18004 William Wood Farmer, Jr. - b. Mar. 29, 1840 d. Apr. 14, 1883, bur. Old City Cemetery, Monroe, LA

Family records state that Frances ("Fannie") Angeline Farmer had married Charles H. Morrison.


William was the only son of William Wood Farmer Sr.  Never married.   The war found him an ardent sympathizer with the South, and he joined Dreux's battalion [Co. D, 1st Special Battn.] and served the first term of his enlistment as a private. In 1862 he was chosen captain of a company that became a part of Morrison's regiment [Co. H, 31st LA Inf.]. He was engaged in all the battles preceding the investment of Vicksburg and was among the prisoners of that memorable surrender.  


He was a member of the lower House of the State Legislature in 1880 and chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. He was chosen by that assembly Judge of the Second Circuit and resigned. In 1881 he gave up the judgeship and resumed the practice of the law.  


 Judge Farmer's mind was large, his perception quick and his reasoning bordered upon intuition. There was no plodding — a case stated was covered by an opinion. His reading was extensive, his memory tenacious and the collation of the authorities was all that was necessary to confirm his conclusion. He was honest and had a supreme contempt for Quirk, Gammon & Snap practice. Whenever a client had a case to make he found in Farmer a lawyer unremitting in his exertions to secure his rights. He never made an effort to mislead a court by suppressing evidence, garbling authorities or toadying his views to judges in private. He rested upon the law and the evidence as they were written and his urged them with a force that every adversary dreaded.  


As Judge of the Second Circuit he was laborious beyond his strength. He heard argument patiently, examined evidence closely, read authorities carefully and decided conscientiously. We have it from him that he made no law while in the ermine; that he was merely its interpreter, no matter at times of its distastefulness. Judge Farmer never married, and a name that will ever be remembered in Louisiana with honor is now extinct.


They had only one child, FARMER MORRISON, who had married and had several children. They had made their home at Roanoke, Va.

*1040 Margaret Jane Mixon - b. ca. 1819, d. June 22, 1899. On March 12, 1840 she married David Colvin, b, Nov. 10, 1820, d. March 5, 1859. Their descendants are numerous and are fully shown in the book "COLVIN AND ALLIED FAMILIES" by Etheline and Baker Colvin, published By Hurley Printing and Stationery Company of El Dorado, Ark, and no attempt will he made to reproduce all that information in this book.

1041 Sarah Ann Mixon - b. ca. 1821, m. Austin Honeycutt, Nov. 20, 1838 in LA, d. _____, m. Austin Honeyycutt, Nov. 20, 1838 in LA Book "E", 354, Succession Records, Union Parish, LA shows they had the children:

7038 Margaret Jane Honeycutt - now wife of John U. Shultz

7039 John Burnard Honeycutt

7040 Mary Elizabeth Honeycutt

7041 John Austin Honeycutt

7042 Ferily Susan Honeycutt

7043 James Wesley Honeycutt

7045 Emeriita Eliza Permelia Honeycutt

7046 William. A. H. Clay Honeycutt

7047 J. Briton Honeycutt

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