Cornelius Lofton Mixon, s. of Jesse and Elizabeth Mixon, was b. in Effingham County, GA,1790, d. in Perry County, MS after 1840 and bef 1850. A full brother to John Jehu Mixon, he moved to Mississippi Territory with John and their parents, half brothers, half sisters, and two sisters.

Cornelius Mixon signed the petition to annex West Florida to Mississippi Territory, and paid tax in Marion County in 1812.

By 1816 when the census of Mississippi Territory was taken, Cornelius had three sons and three daughters, and living in Marion County. He must have m. quite young and according to Grandmother, he had a very large family. Her own grandparents had eleven children. From census records, Cornelius Mixon had sixteen children.

Cornelius Mixon was on jury duty in the April Term 1819 (page 189, 199, 219, and 244, of Book A Superior Court Record, Marion Co., Miss.) He paid poll tax in Marion County 1812 through 1830.

No tax record for Perry County 1831 and 1832. In 1833 Cornelius paid tax on 160 acres land, 1 poll and 4 slaves. Only 80 acres of land in 1835, but by 1837 he paid tax on 240 acres of land, 1 poll, and 4 slaves. The number of acres of land is not shown on tax lists after 1841.

The first record found of Cornelius entering land is in Perry County, Mississippi, February 3, 1834, as follows: SE¼ NW¼ Sec 31 T5N R13W 40 acres. This land was later in Forrest County when Perry County was divided into two counties. As this is only 40 acres and Cornelius paid tax on 160 acres in 1833, 80 acres in 1835, and 240 acres by 1837, he must have bought several acres of land Records of Perry County wered estroyed by fire in 1877.

The tax records of Perry County, Mississippi, for 1846 lists Estate of C. L. Mixon, no poll, 8 slaves, total tax $5.95. Cornelius Lofton Mixon must have died in 1846. John Mixon had a son born in 1845 who was named George Washington Mixon, then the next child, also a son, was named Cornelius Lofton Mixon and his birth date was March 10, 1847. If this was in keeping with the Mixon way of naming a chil dfor someone who had  died recently, then Cornelius Lofton Mixon  died in 1846. He is buried in a family cemetery just off new Highway 49 just before it intersects Highway 59.

Family records state that he was m. to Sara (Sally) Kirkland and , and evidently he married young, as he is shown in the 1816 census in Marion County, MS with three sons and three daughters. There could have been, however, one or two sets of twins in the family. He was one of the signers petitioning Congress to grant MS statehood in Dec., 1811. In the War of 1812 he served in the 13th MS Militia under command of Col. Geo. H. Nixon. From family records and from census records, there were 16 children in this family, the first two were born in Georgia, the rest in MS.


1820 Marion County, MS State and Territorial Census Collection, 1792-1866

1830 Marion, MS, Conelious Mixon, males: under 5:1, 5-9:2, 10-14:2, 15-19:1, 40-49:1; females: under 5:1, 5-9:1, 10-14:1, 15-19:2, 20-391

1840 Perry, MS, C L Mixon, males: 10-14:1, 40-49:1; females: 5-9:1; 10-14:1, 30-39:1

1850 Jones, Mississippi, MS, Sally Mixon-65 living with dau. Caroline Moody-15 and husband John Moody-23


§1778 Elizabeth Mixon - b. ca. 1808, d. 189

1779 Son - b. 1810 (not yet identified)

1780 Daughter - b. 1811

*1781 Jesse Mixon - b. Dec. 16, 1812, d. 1896

1782 Daughter - b. 1814

*1783 John Washington Mixon - b. 1815, d. 1859

§1784 Sarah Ann Mixon - b. Jan 17, 1818, d. Jan 10, 1895, d. Jan 10, 1895, m. Oliver Christian Rhodes

1785 Son - b. 1819

*1786 Charles Lofton Mixon - b. 1821, d. Oct 22, 1897

1787 Daughter - b. 1823

*1788 James William Mixon - b. July 8, 1824, d. Mar. 9, 1896

*1789 Franklin Jefferson Mixon - b. 1826

1790 Daughter - b. 1828

1791 Son - 6. 1830

1792 Mahalia Mixon - b. 1832

§1793 Caroline Mixon - b. 1834, d. Sep 1874


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