John Mixon was a jailor at the Augusta jail when James Copeland was a prisoner there. When John took supper to Copeland one evening, Copeland was waiting with a large plank or two by four to hit John. Copeland missed John's head, but hit his foot and broke it, leaving John crippled. As Copeland was beating John, Rebecca took her shoe and hit Copeland about the head and made him let John alone. Copeland ran down the stairs and escaped. He was later captured by Hamp Nickles, where Leaf River enters Tallahala Creek. Copeland was hanged on a gallows and buried across the street at Augusta, Mississippi. Cousin Biddie McAdory has said the gallows was still there when she was a youngster, and she would pass it on the way to school.

Before his death, Mr. Mixon sold his bounty grant to pay off his debts. He had applied for another grant which was given his widow after his death. Mr. and Mrs. Mixon had 11 children, 8 of them sons, all 8 sons went to the Confederate Army and only three returned home.


In 1857, Rebecca Mixon filed application for the 120 acres Bounty Land granted to John Mixon after his death in 1855, which warrant was returned and cancelled. John Slade, a brother to Rebecca, signed an affidavit saying Rebecca Mixon had been the legal wife of John Mixon, and she was still a widow. Two other men signed affidavits as to the time of year John Mixon had died Warrant No. 95032 was issued to Rebecca Mixon for the 120 acres in 1858.


1850 Perry, MS, age 58, wife Rebecca-45, children: John-24, Franklin-17, Henry-16, Sarah-10, Harrison-7, Washington-5, Cornelius-3

1870 On Tallahala Creek, Perry, MS, Rebecca-58 and dau. Rachael-18, with son George-26 wife Jane-26, also mother and son Rebuen’s children: Frank-13, Lizzie-12, Acey-9

Their children:

*1794 Reuben Mixon - b. July 27, 1825, d. October 2, 1862, in a hospital in Chattanooga, TN.

*1795 John Christopher Mixon - b. Jan. 18, 1827, d. Dec. 24, 1914

*1796 Jesse O. Mixon - b. Jan 18, 1829, d. March 12 or 25, 1963

*1797 Mary Ann Mixon - b. ca. 1831, m. William Mark Stephens

*1798 Benjamin Franklin Mixon - b. 1833, d. Jul. 22, 1863

*1799 Henry Clay Mixon - b. ca. 1835

*1800 Sarah Mixon - b. Dec. 19, 1838, d. Jan. 20, 1901, m. Pleasant T. Gillis

1801 William Harrison Mixon - b. March 12, 1843, enlisted in the Confederate Army, May 13, 1862, at Mobile, Alabama, by J. B. Kennedy. He was absent in hospital in Kentucky, February 5, 1863, and died in hospital in Shelbyville, Tennessee, March 2, 1863. unmarried

*1802 George Washington Mixon - b. Mar. 27, 1845, d. Sept. 11, 1902, m. Jane Mathis

*1803 Cornelius Victor Mixon - b. Mar. 10, 1847, d. Oct. 10, 1908

*1804 Rachel Mixon - b. 1852,  d. March 1, 1923, m. Alpheus Draughn


Rachel Mixon, dau. of Jesse and Elizabeth Mixon, was m. Thomas Applewhite in Marion County, Mississippi Territory, July 6, 1816. Thomas Applewhite entered the tracts of land in Yazoo County, Mississippi as follows:

1828 Nov 24   NE¼              Sec 14 T10  R1E           158.69 acres

1829 Feb 21    W½   SW¼   Sec 13 T10  R1E           80.62           "

1829 Feb 21    E½     SE¼    Sec 13 T10  R1E           79.34           "

1831 Jan 18     E½     SW¼   Sec 12 T10  R1E           80.41           "

1831 Jan 18     W½   NW¼  Sec 13 T10  R1E           80.62           "

Jesse Mixon and his wife May have been buried somewhere on this land

Thomas Applewhite entered two more parcels of land later, and sold all his land in Yazoo County in 1833. He paid tax in Holmes County for the years 1833, 1834, and 1835. He sold the land he hel din Holmes County in 1835, and returned to Yazoo County entering land there in 1835. He bought more property in Yazoo County until 1837 when all property was sold and apparently left Mississippi. The last transaction was for some lots in Manchester sold for acreage in Texas and $1,000.00. Rachel did not sign the last deed covering lots only, so it is not known if she was still living.

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