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Mixon-Mixson Genealogy

*1844 George Richmond Mixon - b. Jan. 8, 1869, d. 21 May 1939

1845 Martha Elizabeth Mixon - b. Mar 25, 1872, d. Oct. 20, 1965 Forrest Co., MS, m. William David McKenzie b. Apr. 1, 1863 Perry Co., MS, d. Feb. 14, 1953 Forrest Co., MS both buried Crestview Cemetery, Petal. Children:

7904 Martha Alice McKenzie - b. Sept. 10, 1912, d. Apr. 7, 2006, m. Theodore M. Hamilton on Nov. 4, 1938. He was b. Sep. 8, 1903, d. Jul., 8, 1974 .  Both bour Hillcrest Cemetery, Petal, MS.  Their children:

7906 David McKnight Hamilton - b. Dec. 11, 1939 Forrest Co., MS

7907 Martha Eileen Hamilton - b. Oct. 7, 1942, m. Dec.17, 1961 to Berry Lee Gray, Jr. - b. Mar. 5, 1938. Their children:

7908 Julia Lynn Gray - b. Oct. 12, 1962

7909 Berry Lee Gray III - b. July 8, 1964

7905 Mary Lou McKenzie - b. May 15, 1914, d. May 12, 1980, m. in 1945 to David L. Priest - b. Sep. 19, 1911, d. Jan. 6, 1971.  Both bour Hillcrest Cemetery, Petal, MS. Their children:

7910 David Leiah Priest - b. May 7, 1950

7911 Mary Jane Priest - b. Mar. 10, 1955

1846 Reuben L. Mixon - b. Nov. 27, 1874 Perry Co., MS, d. Dec. 18, 1896 Perry Co.., MS bur. Providence Baptist Cemetery, Hattiesburg, MS. Did not marry.


Jesse Obediah Mixon, s. of John J. and Rebecca Slade Mixon, was b. Jan. 18, 1829 in Marion County, MS, d. March  25, 1863 in a Confederate Troop Camp during the Civil War, near Wallisville, TX, bur. Camp Butler National Cemetery, Springfield, Sangamon County, IL. In 1850, he m. Elizabeth M. Mott, b. 1827, d. Apr 21, 1866.


1850 Jones, MS, age 22, wife Elizabeth-23, living with her father Jesse C Mott-48

1860 District 4, Angelina, TX, age 30, wife Elizabeth-32, children: William-8, Margaret-5, Alice E-2, John J-3mo

Their children:

*1847 William Thomas Mixon - b. 1852, MS., d. ca 1866 Chambers Co., TX

*1848 Margaret Elizabeth Mixon - b. 1855, d. ca 1900, m. James Saunders.

1849 Alice L. Mixon - b. 1858 in MS, d. 1866

*1850 John James LaFayette Mixon - b. 1860, d. Jan 6, 1886

Jesse moved to Monroe (Old Monroe) Mississippi, with his parents about 1831, and was reared there.

It was the custom for farmers to take their produce to Mobile, Alabama, to sell. Live stock would be herded on foot and other things loaded into a wagon. At Mobile, they would make pens for the stock, and it was necessary for someone to stay with the property until sold. Jesse Mixon trucked vegetables to Mobile, it is said, and stayed in Mobile to look after his stock.

At Mobile, Alabama, Jesse Mixon met a Mrs. Brown, and they were married there. The 1850 census of Jones County, Mississippi, shows Jesse and his wife living with Jesse C. Mott, her father, who was said to have had a truck farm. Jesse and his wife are shown as being married within the year census was taken. Next door is an Abraham Mott, his wife, Rebecca, both born in Georgia, and Alfred G. Brown, who was a son to Elizabeth Mott Brown Mixon by her first marriage. Occupation of Abraham Mott listed as Baptist Preacher.

Jesse C. Mott died before 1860, and Jesse and his family is said to have lived with his mother, Rebecca Mixon, for a while near Augusta (Old Augusta), Mississippi. About 1858, Jesse Mixon and his family moved to Texas, probably to join his brother, Henry Mixon, as both are on the 1860 census of Angelina County, Texas. Jesse Mixon is shown with three children born in Mississippi, the youngest two years of age, and a son born in Texas, aged one month and four days.

When the Civil War started, Jesse Mixon enlisted at Shreveport, Louisiana, July 1, 1862, under B. F. Ross in Company "A" 25th Texas Cavalry. He was captured January 11, 1863, at Arkansas Post, Arkansas. He died March 12 or 25, 1863. Mrs. Rowena Courtney, his granddaughter, said he died in a troop camp near Wallisville, Texas, of wounds received while fighting.

Elizabeth Mott Brown Mixon was born in Alabama about 1827. After her husband's death, she taught school on the White ranch. She and two children died there about 1866. Margaret Elizabeth Mixon and James Lafayette Mixon remained on the ranch until grown.

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