After Elizabeth Mixon died, three of her heirs signed their one-fourth interest over to John Ira Mixon so he could have clear title. They felt John deserved the place for his help in building it, and each of the three had property of their own.

John Ira moved to Perkinston to go into business with a Mr. Davis. He sold his home to Jane and Randolph Ferguson. John stayed in Perkinston about two or three years. He bought his brother-in-law's place near his old home when he returned.

One night while sitting in front of a fire, Fanny Mixon's clothing caught on fire. John heard her scream, ran to her and quickly put a blanket around her, but she was badly burned and died the first of January 1905.

John sold this place. The children, Ruby, Jack, and Earl, spent a few years with various relatives and their grandmother McLaughlin. Finally John had a steady job at Runnelstown, got another house and Ruby kept house and helped to rear the two boys.

Census: 1860 Southern District, Perry, MS, age 27, wife Elizabeth, children: Jon-4, Henry-3, Mary-1

The children of Benjamin and Rebecca Mixon are:

*1851 John Ira Mixon - b. May 7, 1854, d. Oct. 22 1934

*1852 Henry Harrison Mixon - b. Mar. 10, 1858, d. Sep. 28, 1940

*1853 Mary Margaret Mixon - b. Sept. 6, 1859 in Perry County, MS, d. Sept. 12, 1935 at Hattiesburg, m. Dr. John Henry Bertrand

*1854 Martha Jane Mixon - b. Mar. 25, 1862, d. Jan. 25, 1935.


Henry Clay Mixon, s. of John J. and Rebecca Slade Mixon, was b. in Monroe, Perry County, MS in 1835, d. May 3, 1863 while serving with the Confederate Army with Co. "B", 25th TX Cavalry, bur. Camp Butler National Cemetery, Springfield, Sangamon County, IL.    His baby daughter is also missing. In 1856, he m. Dec. 12, 1854 in Lawrence County, MS to Sarah Ann Runnels - b. May 15, 1841, d. Jan. 22, 1901

He had to be away from home on business. When he returned he found his intended's family had packed and were on their way to Texas. Henry hurriedly completed any business he had pending, packed and met the Jesse Runnels family on their journey to Texas.

Mr. Felder Mixon said Reuben and Jesse went to Texas, but when told Reuben was the father of John Franklin, he said that was odd for "I always thought there were two brothers who went to Texas." He thought Mrs. Morren's grandfather was Henry, but it was Reuben, so Henry was the one who went to Texas.

Sarah Ann Runnels was born b. 1841, d. 1901 in St. Augustine County, TX, the dau. of Jesse and Jane Runnels. She is shown on the 1870 census of Angelina County, Texas, with her widowed mother, Jane Runnels. She died about 1901.

As heiress to Jesse Runnels, Sarah Ann Mixon received a deed to 1271/2 acres of land in the Henry Stagner Leage of land situated twenty-six miles southeast of Homer, Texas, on July 26, 1881. It included the house in which she lived known as the Dikes place. She and her son, J. H. Mixon, sold this land in 1896, day and month not shown. Date recorded, January 25, 1897.


1860 District 4, Angelina, TX, age 24, wife Sarah A-20, children: Jackson-3, Sarah J-1

1870 Angelina, TX, widow Sarah-29, children: Jackson-12, living with mother Jane Runnels-58

1880 Precinct 4, Angelina, TX, Sara-46, widowed, children: Jackson M-21

1900 Justice Precinct 5, San Augustine, TX, Sara-58 widowed, living with son Jack H-39

Their children:

*1855 Jackson Mixon - b. Feb. 26, 1858, d. Jun. 5, 1927

1856 Sarah J. Mixon - b. 1859, d. before 1870 (not shown on 1870 census)

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