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Samuel Gooden Mixon, youngest son of John Mixon IV and his wife, was b. in Darlington District, S.C. about 1750, d. intestate, in Darlington District, 1817. He m. (1) Keziah Smith on Jan.27, 1775, at the home of Rev. Evan Pugh of Cashua Neck. He m. (2) Mary _____(she joined him in a deed dated Feb.26, 1808). He m. (3) Sarah Truett, dau. of Elijah Truett, and mentioned by him in his will dated 1812. His estate was long in settlement, and Barnabas Wadford and wife petitioned the court for division of the estate on Jan. 1, 1821, the petition naming all children of the estate and the widow. Final settlement was not made until Feb.23, 1829, after the death of Sarah in 1826. Three of the sons, Ichabod, John, and Elijah, did not share in final settlement as they had received advances from their father before his death that disqualified them from any participation.


1817, Oct 11 - South Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, Darlington, SC, Wills, Vol 3-5, 1813-1818


1790 St Thomas, Cheraws District, SC, Samuel Mixon, males: under 16:2, 16 and over:1, females: 7

1800 Darlington, SC Samuel Mixon, males: under 10:3, 45 and over:1, females: under 10:3,, 10-15:1, 16-25:2, 26-44:1

1810 Darlington, SC, Samuel Mixon, males: under 10:2, 10-15:1, 16-25:2, 45 and over:1; females: under 10:2, 10-15:2, 26-44:1

The list of the children is as follows, with probable dates of birth:

2057 Sarah Mixon - b. 1776, m. Anthony Windham, s. of Amos and Sarah McHugo Windham

§2058 Lydia (Elizabeth) Mixon - b. 1777, d. 1840, m. Barnabas Watford

*2059 Ichabod Mixon - b. Oct. 1, 1779, d. in Chickasaw County, MS, d. 1865

2060 Penelope Mixon - m. Joseph Watford

2061 Rachel Mixon - b. 1781, m. Cornelius Cook

*2062 John Mixon - b. 1783

§2063 Nancy Mixon - b. 1785, m. Hardy Watford

*2064 Elijah Mixon - b. 1787

*2065 Samuel Gooden Mixon, Jr. - b. 1788, Jan 1824

*2066 James Jehu Mixon - b. 1790

§2067 Rhoda "Rhodie" Mixon - b. 1792, m. Alex Chancy

2068 Mary Mixon - b. 1794, m. Hardy Watford

*2069 Aris Mixon - b. 1803, d. aft. 1880

2070 Noel Mixon - b. 1805. His name is listed on the petition in 1821, but not shown on the Court's list of heirs paid in 1829. Therefore, he had died before time of settlement.

2071 Susannah Mixon - b. 1807

2072 Gatsy Mixon - b. 1809, m. Ezekial Watford

Children with Sarah Truett:

§2073 Arrita "Ritty" Mixon - b. 1812, d. ____, m. James Redden Windham, s. of James Windham, Sr.  "Ritty" Windham, widow, is shown with children in 1870 census of Dale County, AL

In 1825, S.C. grants to Revolutionary soldiers and dependents list Sarah Mixon, 1 child. Arrita would have been 13 at that time, and was, possibly, the only child of Samuel and Sarah Truett Mixon.


Ichabod Mixon, s. of Samuel Mixon and his wife, was b. in Darlington District, S.C., October 1, 1779, d. in Chickasaw County, MS, bur. Oak Grove Cemetery, Sparta, MS . Fortunately, Bible records are available on him and his children. On, he m. Gatsy Belk - b. in SC Dec. 19, 1785, d. bef. 1867, bur. Oak Grove Cemetery, Sparta, MS, dau. of William and Hannah Belk of Kershaw County, S.C. Ichabod and family lived in Sumter County, near the Kershaw County line for several years, and bought lands in that area. He sold out there and moved to Marion County, AL in the 1820's, where he and sons obtained land grants. This part of Marion was later cut off into Fayette and Tuscaloosa Counties. Before 1850, Ichabod and wife, and four of his sons and their families had migrated to Chickasaw County, Miss., where they are shown in the 1850 census. One family is still shown there in 1860. Possibly some moved back to Alabama or elsewhere. After his death, Gatsy Belk Mixon, later married a Mr. Young (a Minister), and lived to a very ripe age before her death.


1850 Western Division, Chickasaw, MS, age 70, wife Gatsey-65, children: Mary-18

Their children:

*2074 Alexander Mixon - b. July20, 1805, d. Feb. 19, 1875

*2075 Britton Mixon - b. Sept. 14, 1807, d. 1850

*2076 Joseph Mixon - b. Nov. 27, 1809, d. 1871.

§2077 Mary Ann Mixon - b. April 19, 1812, d. Sept. 9, 1871 in Chickasaw County, Miss. at age 59. She m. James Wilson Harrell.

*2078 William Thomas Mixon - b. July 20. 1816, d. Apr. 27, 1883

2079 Sarah Jane Mixon - b. Oct. 4, 1819

*2080 Nicey Mae Mixon - b. May 27, 1821

*2081 Duncan Mixon - b. June 10, 1824, d. Feb 27, 1892


Following. are some answers to a questionnaire sent Ira Mixon (2136) by a kinsman, dated March 8, 1933. His home was at Woodland, MS., and his age was 75 at the time.


Ichabod Mixon (2059), grandfather, was b. in SC, Oct. 1, 1779. Gatsy Belk Mixon (2059), grandmother, was b. in SC Dec. 19, 1785. (After her husband's death, she married at age 85, a Mr. Young, a minister).

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