(From Lineage Book, Members of North Carolina Society Sons of American Revolution - 1951) "Jeremiah Mixson, a soldier of the Revolutionary War of Chowan County - b. 1751, d. 1781, m. 1774, to Hannah, 1753 - 1800." In March, 1781, he was allowed the sum of 1695 pounds by the Auditors of Edenton District for sundries furnished and for cash paid the militia of N.C., Va., and S. C. At another time (date not shown), he was allowed2 pounds,2 shillings,2 pence by the entry taker of Tyrell County, N.C.

On Sept.29, 1871, Jeremiah Mixson makes last will and testament. Wife Hannahson Jeremiah, Mary (daughter) were named. Mary was named as one of the executors. Also gives one year's schooling for Frederick Clements and Reuben Proctor. Date of filing of will not shown.

Jeremiah Mixson bought two tracts of land in Chowan County, Feb.23, 1781 and on Aug.20, 1781.

(Jeremiah Mixson was related to George Mixson of Beaufort County, but how closely it has not yet been determined. Charles Mixson had been an accommodation endorser on some notes in Chowan County on which he was sued, the proceedings placed on record in Beaufort County as well as in Chowan. This was 1839.)

                1760-1811 Chowan, NC, Wills and Probate Records, Book 1, Jeremiah Mixson  


Charles Raymond Wiess SAR application #31501 lists s. of Mark Wiess and Frances Launza Elizabeth, Jeremiah Mixson & Sarah Jane Craig, Jeremiah Mixson & Elizabeth Wilder, Jeremiah Mixson & Hannah, William, b. 1754 (Tryrall Co. NC, no wife), William Mixon, b. 1715 of Chowan Co.  Private in Chowan County Militia of Edenton District and owned property in Tyrrell Co. N.C. The counties Chowan and Tyrrall connected by the Sound.  In March 1781 he was paid for services and he died September 1781.  He was the son of William Mixson 2nd (or Mixons) spelled boty says in the records.  William Mixson the 2nd son of William Mixson 1st in Chowan County who proved his rights 1715 for himself, wife and three children; viz; George, John and William.



Sep 29, 1781 - Wills and Estate Papers (Chowan County), 1663-1978; Author: North Carolina. Division of Archives and History; Probate Place, 1665-1998; Will of Jeremiah Mixon,  Hanna Mixon wife, children: Jeremiah Mixon, Mary Mixon


1790 Chowan, NC, shows a Hannah Mixon with: Males 16 and over-1, white females-

According to Lineage Book, next generation includes: (National No.31501)

*2579 Jeremiah Mixson II - 1775 - 1826, m. Elizabeth Wilder, 1780-1832

X1917 Mary Mixon – b. abt 1777


Jeremiah Mixson II, s. of Jeremiah and Hannah Mixson - b. 1775, d. 1828. Nov. 26, 1796, he m. Elizabeth Wilder - b. 1780, d. 1832. He left a will dated Feb. 7; 1826, filed Dec., 1828, in which he names wife and following children:

*2580 Jeremiah Mixson III - b. 1799

2583 Martha Mixson - b. 1801, m. Robert Bartee, April 23, 1821

*2584 Charles W. Mixson - b. 1803

2585 Elizabeth W. Mixson - b. 1805, m. Thomas M. Carter, Nov. 24, 1828

§2586 Maria Louisa Mixson - b. 1811, d. Jul 17, 18, m. Joseph Underhill, Nov. 3, 1829

§2587 Emily Mary Mixson - b. 1813, m. Aug 27, 1832 to Joseph Beasley Houghton, b. 1812, d. Aug 14, 1861.

Census: 1860 New Orleans Ward 2, Orleans, LA, J B. Houghton-48, wife Emily-45, children: Mary R-13, Henry C-11, George-5, Lilly-2


18832 Mary Lillian Haughton -  b. Jul 16, 1847, d. Oct 18, 1896, m. William Lacy Phelps, b. Nov 19, 1854, d. Aug 6, 1926.  Children:

18833 Thomas Lacy Phelps -  b. Mar 4, 1893, d. Feb 22, 1964

§2588 Mary Mixson - b. 1815, m. Frederick C. Gregory, Oct.26, 1837. (From 1810 census records, there were two sons listed that would have been b. ca. 1807 and ca. 1809. Probably d. before will made).


Jeremiah Mixson III, s. of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Wilder Mixson, was b. in Chowan County, N.C., 1799, d. in Jefferson County, TX, 1860. He m. (1) Marey White of Perquimans County. On Dec.22, 1827, she petitioned for divorce, not granted. Thomas I White mentioned her in his will made May 15, 1835. She d. before 1850.


1850 Jefferson, TX, Alexander Colder-44,  wife Luanza Colder-38 children: Sarah L-12,Celestine E-9, Lucinda H-6, Phebe M-0, Benjamin-5 and JEREMIAH MIXON age 51

1860 Precinct 1 including Beaumont, Jefferson, TX, HOH Sarah J Mixon-28, children: F L E-7, E L A-5, James A C-3, John C-8mo

1870 Beaumont, Jefferson, TX, HOH S I Mixson, children: Jeranza-16, Emily-14, John C-10

1880 Beaumont, Jefferson, TX, HOH Sarah J-53, son: J. Charles-20

They had one daughter:

2589 Frances Ann Mixson - b. ____ (Given a bequest by her grandfather, Jeremiah Mixson II in lieu of that given or would have been given to Jeremiah III .

In 1832, Jeremiah divides his estate with Joseph B. Houghton and Emily, and Mary Mixson, his wife.

He m. (2) Feb 12, 1852 Sara Jane Craig in TX, b. Dec 2, 1826, d. Mar 17, 1912, bur. Magnolia Cemetery, Beaumont, Jefferson County, TX, by whom he had the following children:

(Ages from census records)

§2590 Frances Luanza Elizabeth Mixson - b. Dec 4, 1852, d. Dec 23, 1910, m. 1873 to Mark Wiess, b. Oct 23, 1842, d. Jul 1, 1910.  Both bur. Magnolia Cemetery, Beaumont, Jefferson County, TX

2591 Emily A Mixson - b. ca. 1854 (dau. )

2592 James Alex Mixson - b. ca. 1857

2593 John Charles Mixson - b. Nov 6, 1859, d. Jul 19, 1904, m. Emma M. Hebert, b. Jan 7, 1873, d. Dec 21, 1958.  Both bur. Magnolia Cemetery, Beaumont, Jefferson County, TX.

Census: 1900 Beaumont, Jefferson, TX, age 40, wife Emma-27, children: Gertrude-3, Ben C-2, Irene-11mo


18834 Gertrude Mixson – b. May 28, 1897, d. May 23, 1958

18835 Benjamin Craig Mixson – b. Jun 18, 1898, d. Sep 11, 1917, bur. Magnolia Cemetery, Beaumont, Jefferson County, TX.

18836 Irene Mary Mixson – b. Aug 21, 1899, d. Oct 18, 1921, bur. Magnolia Cemetery, Beaumont, Jefferson County, TX.

18837 Leo J. Mixson – b. Aug 2, 1901, Jul 31, 1969

18838 Olga Mae Mixson – b. May 12, 1904, d. Jun 22, 1990, m. Thomas Herbert Chapman, b. Aug 27, 1895, d. Jun 7, 1969, both bur. Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. San Antonio, Bexar County, TX

Mr. Mixson was a carpenter.

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