Mary Jeanette "Nettie" Mixson, dau, of Rubin T. and Mary DeLoach Mixson, (3122) was b. at Cummings, SC , Aug. 24, 1885, d. Feb. 23, 1966, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC , m. Jan. 1, 1905, Albert Hamilton Freeman (see #18986)  b. Feb. 2, 1886 at Hampton, SC , d. Mar. 18, 1960,, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC . He was a son of Hamilton Albert and Sara Catherine Mixson Freeman.


1910 Pocotaligo, Hampton, SC, age 23, wife Nellie-24, children: Viola-3, Thomas-1

1930 Peeples, Hampton, SC, age 43, wife Nettie-43, children: Thelma-15, Debbie-13, Annie B-11, Ernest-9, Earl-9, Alverta-7, Jeanette-5

All children were b. at Cummings, Hampton County, SC:

10027 Veda Viola Freeman - b. Jan. 24, 1907, d. Jan. 16, 1943, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC, m. John Frank Johnson, b. Jul. 23, 1889, d. Jan. 21, 1992 bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC . Children:

19202 Elizabeth Johnson

19203 Clyde F. Johnson

10028 Thomas Hamilton Freeman - b. Aug. 13, 1908, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC, m. (1) Mary Shelton, b. 1909, d. 1935 bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC. No children. Married (2) Nellie Ruth Riddick - b. June 29, 1918, d. May 1, 2011, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC, dau. of Nathaniel Jones and Idonia Henry Reddick.  Children:

10038 Doris Ruth Freeman - b. Nov. 29, 1937, m. Sept. 17, 1960, Jack M. Drawdy.

10039 Carl Thomas Freeman - b. Aug. 22, 1940, m. Nov. 28, 1966, Trudy DeLoach.

10040 Nellie Evan Freeman - b. Aug. 3, 1942, m. May 31, 1963, Bernon E. Vickers.

10029 Corrie C.  Freeman - b. Aug. 29, 1910, bur. Highland Memorial Park, Ocala, FL SC, m. Homer C. Eubanks, b. Oct. 13, 1903, d. Apr. 23, 1984, bur. Highland Memorial Park, Ocala, FL.

10030 Rubin Wilson Freeman - b. Sept. 6, 1912, d. Sept. 9, 1913.

10031 Thelma Freeman - b. July 24, 1914, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC, m. Frank Berry Dempsey, May 19, 1898, d. Nov. 19, 1952, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC. Children:

16772 James Wesley Dempsey – b. Jan. 10, 1937, d. Oct 10, 1995, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC.

16773 Pansy Dempsey – b. Feb. 25, 1946, d. May 10, 2002, Nixville Baptist Church Cemetery, Estill, Hampton County, SC, m. ____ Wooten.

Note: Frank Dempsey’s first wife was Lillie Mae Peeples, (see #9883)

10032 Debbie Freeman - b. Sept. 3, 1916, , bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC, m. July 14, 1935, Kenneth D. Peeples.bur Pine Level Baptist Church Cemetery, Early Branch, Hampton County. Children:

16776 Sharlene Peeples – b. Oct 26, 1936, d. Jun 22, 1943, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC

19204 Bobby “Pat” Peeples

19205 Jeanette Peeples

10033 Annie Bell Freeman - b. May 15, 1918, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC, m. Dec. 24, 1941, William Joseph Lee, b. Feb. 1, 1914, d. Jun. 23, 1962.  Both bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC

10034 James Earl Freeman - b. July 17, 1920, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC ,m. Jan. 1, 1947, Mildred Ruth Sager, b. 1928, d. Oct. 4, 1996, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC. Children:

16777 Dennis James Freeman – b. May. 10, 1952, d. Oc.t 23, 1977, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC

19206 Dwight Hamilton Freeman – b. Dec 5, 1953, d. Nov 25, 2011  .

10035 Earnest Edward Freeman - b. July_17, 1920 (Twin), bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC (Twin), m. Dec. 4, 1942, Joann Altman. Children:

16778 James Edward “Jimmy” Freeman - b. Sep. 17, 1944, d. Mary. 24, 2009

16779 Everett “BeBop” Freeman – b. Aug. 26, 1955, d. Ju. 12, 1958 .

10036 Sarah Alverta Freeman - b. Feb. 1922, bur. at Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville , m. Nov. 2, 1942, Willard Randolph Mixson (see #4893) .

10037 Mary Janette Freeman - b. Sep 15, 1924, d. Jun 8, 2012, m. Sep 30, 1941, Wilson Harvey Ulmer, b. Aug 16, 1915, d. May 22, 1979.  Both bur. Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park, Clearwater, Pinellas County, FL.  Children:

19207 Carolyn Ulmer – b. Aug 11, 1942, d. Jun 28, 2002, bur. Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park, Clearwater, Pinellas County, FL . m. George Olsen.

19208 Gloria Ulmer – m. Nelson Brown

19209 Marian Ulmer – m. Ralph Andrews


Charles Hudson Mixson, s. of Rubin T. Mixson  and his wife, Mary Elizabeth DeLoach Mixson, was b. May 16, 1888, d. Feb. 21, 1951, m. Feb. 7, 1912, Jennie Patience Mixson (see #4883), b. Jul 31, 1892, d. Feb 21, 1951, bur. Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC.  Charles and his wife were murdered by their son Charles, Jr. who was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, (Wilmington Morning Star, Thursday, June 7, 1951) 


1920 Peeples, Hampton, SC, age 31, wife J. Patience-27, children: Leona-6, L May-4

1930 Peeples, Hampton, SC, Charlie age 43, wife Jennie-37, children: Leona-17, Lula M-14, Minnie L-10

1940 Cummings, SC, Charley age 51, wife Jennie P-47, children: Lula M-23, Doris R-9, Charley H-8


4992 Leona Mixson - b. Feb. 27, 1913, d. Oct 28, 2002, m. Nov. 14, 1934, Argual W. Barnes, (see #19137).  Both bur. Beaufort Baptist Churchyard, Beaufort, Beaufort County, SC.  Children:

10041 Mary Frances Barnes - b. Aug. 20, 1935, m. Sept. 19, 1954, Thomas Ramsey. Children:

10043 Debra Lynn Ramsey - b. July 4, 1955

10044 Susan Ramsey - b. Dec. 24, 1957

10042 Baby Boy - b. Dec. 19, 1943, d. s me day.

4993 Lula Mae Mixson - b. July 25, 1915, d. Dec 14, 2005, m. Feb 3, 1944 to George Edward Stroman, Jr., b. Aug 30, 1914, d. Mar 26, 2008, s. of George Edward Stroman (1877 - 1962) and Louise Leland Stroman (1889 - 1970).  Both bur. McClellanville Methodist Church Cemetery, McClellanville, Charleston County, SC.   Children:

10045 Dorothy Mae Stroman - b. Mar. 16, 1945

10046 George Edward Stroman III - b. Feb. 10, 1950

4994 Minnie Lee Mixson - b. Mar. 21, 1920, d. Sep 20, 2002, m. Aug 20, 1939, Jacob Edwin Terry, b. May 8, 1911, d. Jun 11, 1952. Both bur. Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, Hampton County, SC. Children:

10047 Patricia Dianne Terry - b. Sept. 4, 1947, m. Oct. 19, 1968, Patrick Nolen. Children:

10049 Patrick Nolen III - b. Feb. 27, 1971

10048 Louise Rebecca Terry - b. June 8, 1951, m. Aug. 2, 1974, Ross Brewer.

Minnie Lee Mixson m. (2) Herman R. Tuten, Aug. 26, 1961

4995 Doris Rebecca Mixson - b. Aug. 2, 1930, m. William O. Anderson, April 8, 1954. Children:

10050 Marsha Gale Anderson, b, Jan. 8, 1955

10051 Emily Jean Anderson - b. Dec. 19, 1957

10052 Cheryl Anderson - b. July 19, 1962

4996 Charles Hudson Mixson, Jr. - b. June 3, 1933, d. May 5, 1979, bur. Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, SC


Miles Theodore Mixson, s. of Miles Mixson, Jr. and his wife, Minnie Gray Mixson, wasb. in Hampton County, SC, Sep 20, 1907, d. Mary 18, 1965, bur. Sand Hill Cemetery, Varnville, Hampton County, SC. He m. Sally ____ about 1925.

Census: 1940 Eddyville, Lyon, KY, Kentucky Branch Penitentiary, Miles T. Mixon-32


3165 Carolyn G. Mixson - b. ____, m. ____ Adams


The Gaffney Ledger, Gaffney, SC,12-06-1938,p5

S.C. Couple on Trial Louisville, Ky. Nov. 29 - A jury unopposed to the death penalty was seated today to try Miles T. Mixon, 31, and his wife, Sally, 32, both of Furman, S.C., on charges of robbing a service station attendant of $28 last October 26.

The Mixons are charged with armed robbery. The death sentence or life imprisonment are provided as penalties.  


Florence Morning News, Florence, SC,06-25-1960,p2

Brothers, Woman Held In Car Theft, Forgery

Two brothers, one on a three day pass from a Rome Ga. Tuberculosis hospital, have been charged with forgery and auto theft by Florence police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Charge in warrants issued Friday were Leonard F. Mixon, 59, of Savannah, Ga., Accused by the FBI with interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle, and Miles Theodore Mixon, 53, of Rome, Ga., charged by Florence police with forgery.

Mrs. Leonard Mixon was also arrested with the brothers Wednesday but no charges have been made against her.

The trio was arrested after it attempted to give checks at two Florence firms and succeeded in cashing a check at a third according to Det. Gene Lessmeister of the Florence Police Dept.

The trio cased a check for $74.69 at Bell’s Shoe Store after making small purchases, police said. Earlier they had attempted to cash checks at J & J Drug Store and the Florence Shoe Store.

Darlington Police reported the trio cased a check for $72.43 at McCoy’s Service Station in Darlington earlier in the week.

Det. Lessmeister said the brothers told police Leonard Mixon sent a telegram to Rome TB hospital requesting a pass for his brother because his niece was ill. The Savannah couple met the TB patient in Macon, Ga. then the trio came to the Florence area, police said.

Miles T. Mixon, according to police is on parole from a Louisville, Ky. prison where he was sentenced to life for armed robbery in 1938. He was paroled in 1949.

The FBI charges Leonard Mixon with transportation of a 1955 Ford stolen May 28 from Federal Services Finance Corp., Savannah, Ga. He is being held in Darlington County jail in lieu of $1,000 bond.

Miles T. Mixon is being held in the Florence County jail on the forgery charge.  


The Charleston Daily Mail (Charleston, WV), March 19, 1965, Page 6

Ex-Prisoner Dies
Court Order Brings 8 Days of Freedom Days of freedom in the bright southern sunlight were brief for Miles Theodore Mixon. Eight days ago Circuit Judge Frank Taylor ordered him released from Kanawha County Jail and ruled the man had been detained since the April term of Intermediate Court in 1961.

Yesterday D. Jackson Savage, the Charleston Attorney who obtained Mixon's release, received a telephone call informing him the mand died in a hospital in his native Georgia. Following his release from jail he had been driven to the home of a sister by members of a Kanawha County family whose son he had befriended while in jail here.

Savage said Mixon, about 55, became ill in route home. He died of pulmonary pneumonia. He describe the man a highly articulate and possessed of a charm and personality.

Savage said Mixon had an arrested case of tuberculosis and that when taken into custody here in 1962 on a charge of forgery said he committed the offense to get hospitalization.

Intermediate Judge William J. Thompson ordered Mixon sent to Hopemont Sanitarium in June 1962. the man later was returned to the Kanawha County Jail.

Taylor and Judge Thompson lacked authority for the order and ruled that since three terms of Intermediate Court had passed since Mixon's indictment without his having been arraigned for trial he could no longer be tried on the charge.



James Claude Mixson, businessman and civic leader of Allendale, s. of M.C. and "Nonie" Dowling Mixson, was b. at Allendale, Aug. 1, 1912, d. Jun 29, 1980. He m. (1) Dorothy Elizabeth Cox.


1940 Chick Springs, Greenville, SC, age 52, wife Dorothy-29, children: Betth-7 

Their children:

10053 Dorothy Elizabeth Mixson - b.____.

Mr. Mixson m. (2) Lyde Mack. Their children:

10054 James Claude Mixson, Jr. - b. ____

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