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Mixon-Mixson Genealogy

3856 D.A. Mixon - b. July 26, 1910 d. Sept. 25, 1935, bur. Pinecrest Cemetery & Mausoleum, Vidalia, Toombs County, GA

3857 Leon Mixon - b. May 3, 1913, d. Sept. 7, 1936, bur. Pinecrest Cemetery & Mausoleum, Vidalia, Toombs County, GA

3858 Woodrow Stephen Mixon - b. Sept. 13, 1918, d. Oct. 30, 2011, educated at GA State Teachers College at Statesboro, and at U of GA He was forced to retire because of ill health from his position as vice-president of the Farmers Bank of Douglas in 1968, which place he had held for a number of years He has not only been active in his profession but also in civic and church affairs with his local Methodist ChurchOn Feb 1, 1941, he m. Sarah Elizabeth Knowles - b. June 2, 1921, d. Jun. 22, 2011, dau. of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas Knowles of Broxton, GA. Both bur. Douglas City Cemetery, Douglas, GA.  Their children

3859 John Stephen Mixon - b. Mar. 7, 1942, d. Jun. 1, 1974, bur. Douglas City Cemetery, Douglas, GA,  he m Harriett Porter Scurry of Greenwood, SC She is also a graduate of U. of Go. Their children:

3860 John Stephen Mixon, Jr. - b. Feb. 27 1967

3861 George Richard Mixon - b. Aug 13, 1945, m. Dorcaslrene Sprague - b. July 20, 1946, on Nov. 25, 1966. He was a medical student at U. of Tn, 1967

3862 Sarah Fanny Mixon - b. May 16, 1948, m Jack Robert Vickers, Aug. 26, 1967

3863 Cindy Lou Mixon - b. April 10, 1960

3864 Willett Mixon - b.1920, m. Lillian Brelen of Beaufort, SC Their Children:

3865 Willard Mixon

3866 Mary Elizabeth Mixon

3867 Jerry Mixon

3868 Linda Mixon

3869 Ronnie Edward Mixon

3870 Nell Mixon

3871 Theodore Mixon


Edward Harris, educator, son of Elmer Algerine and Mary Louise Finley Mixon, was b. Sept. 5, 1921 at Vidalia, GA, d. Feb. 8, 2011, bur. Brevard Memorial Park, Cocoa, FL. He attended Vidalia schools and is a graduate of Middleton Radio School, has a B.S. degree in Education from Georgia State Teachers College and a M.A. degree in Administration and Supervision from George Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville, Tenn. He took special courses at the University of Florida during World War II while serving with the U.S. Army Signal Corps. Mr. Mixon is principal of one of Brevard County, Florida, Schools which has fifty teachers. An active member in his local Methodist Church, he is a Sunday School teacher, a member of the Official Board and a past chairman of that Board. He is an avid student of Genealogy and has done some extensive and outstanding research on his family lines in his native State of Georgia.

Being a descendant of William Wesley Mixon and his wife, Mary Ann Pollock, the latter being a descendant of the following signers of the Magna Charter (and their Royal Ancestors) qualifies Mr. Mixon to become a member of the "Colonial Order of the Royal Crown", also a member of the "Knights of the Plantaganets. "

Hugh Bidgood            descendant of                      Emperor Vladimir

Robert Bidgood               "              "                     King Ethelred II

Gilbert de Clair                "              "                     King Louis I

Richard de Clair              "              "                     William the Conqueror

William Lanveillei           "              "                     King Duncan

Saire de Quincy               "              "                     Alfred the Great

Robert de Vere                "              "                     King Egbert

On Feb. 12, 1953, Prof. Mixon married Jacquelyn Mae Butler of Hawkinsville, Ga. - b. June 18, 1930 at Danville, Va., dau. of the late Jackson M. and Angilee Westbrook Butler Mobley. She is a graduate of Georgia Junior College at Cochran and has B. S. degree in Elementary Education from George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville. Their home is on South Merritt Island, Fla. Children:

3833 Angie Eloise Mixon - b. Oct. 18, 1955 at Douglas, GA, m. Jul. 28, 1973 to Charles Edward Goldfarb

3834 Edward Harris Mixon, Jr. - b. Dec 23, 1956 at Cocoa, FL

3835 Malissa Jo Mixon - b. June 20, 1964 at Cocoa, FL

3836 Jeffrey Fred Mixon - b. Jan. 10, 1966 at Cocoa, FL.

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