1990 - Diving at Jules' Undersea Lodge

David and Larry in Jules Undersea LodgeDavid and I went to the Jules' Undersea Lodge and spent overnight in lodge.  The Lodge is in a small cove in about 30 feet of water.  You dive down in the afternoon and spend the night and next morning in the Lodge.   Here I am inside looking out the window at two women from Oklahoma who also were staying that night at the lodge.    The Lodge is made of three cylinders.  One cylinder hasLiving Room two bed rooms, the other a living room and kitchen.  The living room/kitchen has a TV, stereo, phone, couch and fully equipped kitchen.    For dinner they make a full lobster and steak dinner and bring it down to us.  Here I am in the living Living Roomroom eating dinner.  Of course I had to call home from down below.  Between the bed room and living room cylinders is the entrance cylinder which has an opening in the middle of the floor.  Any time we wanted we could go diving around the Lodge.  They had hookah diving.  The hookah diving gear had about a 150 foot hose connecteDavid and Larryd to the regulator.  This allowed us to explore most of the small cove the lodge was in.  Here was David and I about to go on a dive.

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