Mixsonian Larry

45 Things - Mixsonian Treasure Hunt

Below are 45 things about me or my family history but unlike the regular list of things this is a list of questions.  All the answers can be found on Mixsonian.com  If you find all the answers, send them to me and I’ll confirm if they are correct. 
Enjoy, Larry.

  1. The Mixsons have been in the United States a long but yet the first Mixson in this country did not come to the United States.  How can that be?
  2. The day I was born was on a once a year astronomical event.  What was it?
  3. I have only been to one South American country and while there I visited a sacred place.  What is the country and sacred place?
  4. While in Bali I went to a very different type of funeral.  What type of funeral was it?
  5. Onnie made a very special type of pudding.  What was it made of?
  6. My grandma Junior taught us “You better have ???? if you’re going to be in the family.”  What was it you needed to have?
  7. How much did the largest fish I have every caught weigh?
  8. What was the year and model of my first car?
  9. Jimmy Buffett has an album about a road in Florida.  I lived one block from this road.  What is the road and in what city did I live?
  10. What was the first programming language that I learned and in what year?
  11. I once went on a scuba diving trip to the Bahamas in which my diving buddy gave me sea sick pills which turned out not to be sea sick pills.  What type of pills were they?
  12. I once spent 24 hours under water scuba diving.  Where was it and who was my diving buddy?
  13. What was the model of the first computer I owned?
  14. Who played the “monster” in the Monster at Magnesia Springs?
  15. I once worked on a computer that when you put a radio on it would play music though the radio.
  16.  What was the model of the computer?
  17. I once had a number of snakes as pets.  How many did I have at one time?
  18. My grandparents once had two horses, one was named Knot.  What was the name of the other?
  19. My Grandma Mixson made chittlins from what?In what country and city is the Scarecrow festival?
  20. My grandma Mixson never spanked her children after a certain age because she said “by that time if they hadn’t learned how to behave they never would”.  What age was it?
  21. During World War II my Grandma Mixson couldn’t get sugar so they used something as a substitute.  What was it?
  22. What country did my Grandpa Mixson go to during World War I?
  23. When I was a child summer jobs like mowing lawns.  What was my first “real” job and who employed me?
  24. I once did a ground up restoration of a car.  What is the model of the car?
  25. What role did I play in the Monster at Magnesia Springs?
  26. There is a page with the title “While some were looking… others were just looking good”.  Who are in the photos?
  27. What did my Grandma Mixson say to me on her 100th birthday?
  28. My father started to work at the University of Florida in 1948.  How long did he work there?
  29. I have an aunt and uncle who are married.  One is related to my mother the other to my father.  What is the relation?
  30. Crispy and Her Critters is about what?
  31. I once had a going away party at my house which I handed out invitations with the title “Bacchanalia”.  What day and year was it? Where was I going?
  32. Many years ago went to Key West and watched the sunset at Mallory Square.  I did a painting from that trip which now hangs over my bed.  What is in the painting?
  33. My brother and I would crawl under my Grandma and Grandpa Mixson’s house to get what for dinner?
  34. What is the sound that a wippoorwill makes?
  35. Who is shown in the picture with John Friend at Inner Harmony?
  36. In what state is Camp Winnebago?
  37. How much did I spend to build my Soap Box Derby?
  38. When you mix acetylene, hydrogen and oxygen it explodes.  What happened to me when I tried it?
  39. One of my uncles is a Junior Junior.  How can that be?
  40. Who wrote “Nine Lessons in Living”?
  41. How many times have I been to Mexico?
  42. A group of yoga friends did yoga on a dock on a lake.  What is the name of the lake?
  43. Where did my brother and I live when we played Frisbee tag.
  44. Where was my “secret room” when I was a kid?
  45. The Washington Post Magazine had an article about me.  What was it about?