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LarryMixsonian is my personal website that about the genealogy and stories of the Mixson family.  The first iteration of Mixsonian contained the basic genealogy of my branch of the Mixon-Mixson family traced back to the John Mixon I, the headright Mixon who came from England arriving in James Town Virginia in 1650.  This initial genealogy information came from the book “The Mixon-Mixson Family” by John Leslie Mixson which my father was fortunate to have a copy.  Over the following years I added the entire content John Leslie Mixson’s Mixon-Mixson Family, Volume I, II and III to the Mixsonian, 5,000 some names.   Later, with the advent of the expanding Internet, I continued the Mixon-Mixson family genealogy research and have added over 25,000 descendants of the original John Mixson, I.

At some point I was reading my grandmother’s, Rosalie Mixson, remembering stories and decided to add them to Mixsonian.  In the following years I continued to add my own stories and stories of other family members.  Around 2018 I started separating the Genealogy part of Mixsonian from the stories which are now appear under the Deeply Rooted banner.

There are several ways in which you can view this web site that can be found under the main menus.  Those interested in genealogy can find things under the main Genealogy menu.  If you are interested in stories you can go to the Deeply Rooted menu.   You can go to specific years from the "Lifeline" menu. A good starting point would be my Grandmother's stories, or my Mother's diaries.  You may find stories with a common theme such as "fish stories" under the "Themes" menu.   

Where possible I have linked names, places, people and stories.  When reading, you may click on one of these links and find yourself wondering off into a new tangent.  I hope you enjoy browsing and reading this material as much as I have in putting it all together.

I welcome any family members, whether Mixson, Junior, Anderson, Schwander or otherwise to contribute stories, photos or tidbits of information please send them to me.  Guestbook comments are welcomed. Contact Information.

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