LarryThis is my personal web site that contains the genealogy of the Mixson family and stories about my life and family.  My site was to originally contain only my basic genealogy and information about me but then I got my Grandmother's diaries and thought I would include them.  Then I had my mother's diaries and included them.  Before I knew it the scope grew to include not only my life but other family members.  There are several ways in which you can view this web site.  You can view it sequentially, year by year, in places like my "Lifeline", my Grandmother's stories, or my Mother's diaries.  You may view it by particular "Themes" such as "fish stories", or you may choose to view it by randomly browsing.   Where possible I have linked names, places, people and stories.  When reading, you may click on one of these links and find yourself wondering off into a new tangent.  I hope you enjoy browsing and reading this material as much as I have in putting it all together.

I welcome any family members, whether Mixson, Junior, Anderson, Schwander or otherwise to contribute stories, photos or tidbits of information please send them to me.  Guestbook comments are welcomed. Contact Information.

Larry Mixson