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Michael Bridges Mlb29810@yahoo.com
Allendale, SC
Date Posted: 4-21-2019 at 8:45
My grandad was Wyman Mixson, son of Joseph E., son of Jessie M.
Mixson. My mom was Rita Mixson Bridges.

Barbara Backus ladysmurf0316@gmail.com
Greeneville, Tennessee
Date Posted: 1-27-2019 at 11:46
Im barbara mixon my dad is
Charlie mixon from fairfax
sc.his mom was queenie mixon
his dad was charlie mixon...

Larry test@test.com
test, fl
Date Posted: 1-6-2019 at 10:19
Yes it is working.

Delano Mixon cdmix88@aol.com
flowery branch, GA
Date Posted: 10-14-2017 at 17:47
Do you have Revolutionary War records of Mixon, Mixson
who were patriots?

Delano Mixon cdmix88@aol.com
Flowery Branch, GA
Date Posted: 10-14-2017 at 17:45
I am # 3097 in your genealogy book.
Do you want updates?

Jennifer Coburn Blackmon jencblackmon@yahoo.com
Georgiana, Alabama
Date Posted: 9-22-2017 at 16:47
#1201 Phereby Ann Mixon and Theophilus Birpo Williams were my great grandparents. Austin Issac Williams (their son) was my grandfather. My sister and I are working on our heritage. We have been to Asbury Cemetery where great and great-great grandparents and many other mixons/mixsons are buried. WOW! What research you have done. This is a great source for information. Thanks so much!

Helen Strange hkstrange@sbcglobal.net
Corsicana, Texas
Date Posted: 3-13-2017 at 20:47
My Great Grandfather was Early Charles Mixson. He had a daughter named Lora Mary Mixson. She had a daughter named Mabel Ellen Mixson, #18042. She died here in Corsicana, Texas when her dress caught fire. She is buried in Oakwood Cemetery . I have visited her grave and taken pictures. This info is to help keep everything as accurate as possible. Thank you for all the information you have posted. Sure has helped me with my research on the Mixon family.

Michael Dorris mhdorris1@gmail.com
St. Louis , MO
Date Posted: 2-16-2017 at 14:2
Hello Mixon Family Members

I am related to the Mixon Family on my mothers side. My Great-Great Grandmother was Ella Mixon (West). Ella's parents were Wesley Munson Mixon and Sarah Owen Mixon. Would love to know more about this side of my family.

Thank You
Michael Dorris

Grover Dewain Mixon Phalba1@centurylink.net
Eustace, 75124
Date Posted: 1-16-2017 at 20:34
My name is Grover Mixon ,I am the grandson of Vander Mixon and
son of Grover Cleveland Mixon. I am 67 years old

Sandra Hensley Lyons slyons@hargray.com
Beaufort, SC
Date Posted: 1-8-2017 at 19:43
I am the granddaughter of Atticus Mixson a Rosalie Ulmer Mixson of Hampton County in South Carolina. I was born in 1944 and have recently gotten interested in researching my family history.

I was excited when I saw the reference to the Mixsonian web site a would be very interested in hearing from you and your side of the family.

I grew up in Yemassee, SC and there were also Mixon's living there as well as the Mixson's. I always knew there was a connection but never knew what was what.

Johanna Feminear jfeminear@gmail.com
Lubbock, TX
Date Posted: 10-24-2016 at 13:27
I'm the daughter of Carolyn Virginia Mixon, who is the daughter of Evon Carl
Mixon and Luella V McInnis. I just found this website. What great info!

Anne Easter aeaster@hotmail.com
Cedar Bluff, Mississippi
Date Posted: 9-8-2016 at 18:28
First of all, the work on this site is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for doing a super job. I am interested in hearing from the Ichabod, Duncan, Oscar line of the Mixons from Clay, Chickasaw, Webster, and Calhoun Counties of Mississippi.(my line). I am wondering if you could share where you got the information on Oscar Mixon #2133. We run into a snag when researching his spouse; there seems to be conflicting information that we want to either verify or correct. Oscar's son, Charlie, was my grandmother's first husband.

Anne Easter aeaster@hotmail.com
Cedar Bluff, Mississippi
Date Posted: 9-8-2016 at 18:28
First of all, the work on this site is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for doing a super job. I am interested in hearing from the Ichabod, Duncan, Oscar line of the Mixons from Clay, Chickasaw, Webster, and Calhoun Counties of Mississippi.(my line). I am wondering if you could share where you got the information on Oscar Mixon #2133. We run into a snag when researching his spouse; there seems to be conflicting information that we want to either verify or correct. Oscar's son, Charlie, was my grandmother's first husband.

Mae Gardnermills maegardnermills@att.net
LEWISBURG, Tennessee
Date Posted: 6-28-2016 at 1:2
Hello Mr. Larry Mixon,
From , John Mixon I, II,III,WILLIAM 5,George
468,Obed 471, Elizabeth Mixon 484 marries Jonathan
Newman,Mary Elizabeth Newman 18798 marries John J.
not in your line but here is how my line continues
to descend,
Minnie McDANIEL-Meshack Lafayette Speed
Syble Estelle Speed-Howard Ray Booty
Mary Louise Booty-Francis Douglas Sylvest
FELDER MIXON 3471 was married first to , Florence
Passman. The Passman's made that marriage end,
quickly. Her daughter by John Spinks, was my
Grandmother Arebelle Spinks. She said it was about
an arranged marriage. It was years of having four
children before she married John Spinks. My 2nd
cousin said, Grandpa John wouldn't marry her till
she became a Christian. (It wasn't godly of him to
keep her having their children. He could of should
of waited. Anyhow, Larry. I think Felder and
Florence loved each other and what a novel that
could become. Her dad was an alcoholic.
I love all the work in this Mixsonian. God Bess you.

AMANDA mixonaa@gmail.com
Bamberg, SC
Date Posted: 3-31-2016 at 13:53

John S. Mixon, Jr. smixon@gmail.com
Atlanta, Georgia
Date Posted: 6-4-2015 at 16:17

It was a pleasure today to discover your website. I am #3860. I
am the youngest Mixon descendent of Woodrow Stephen Mixon
(#3858) you have listed. There are lots of younger Mixon's that
we should get you information about including my son John
Stephen ("Jack") Mixon, III.

Mandy Rowe Sayers pastormandy10@gmail.com
Olney, MD
Date Posted: 5-15-2015 at 3:51
Hi Larry,

I'm Nelle Mixon Robinson's oldest granddaughter, daughter of Jenny
Robinson Rowe. I'm listed as Elizabeth Amanda Rowe. Thanks for this
great site! I also have a brother, Hayden Matthew Rowe, not
listed...Thank you so much for this!

Billie June Mayo (Ross) billiejunemayo@yahoo.com
Van Buren, Arkansas
Date Posted: 4-17-2015 at 11:52
My grandfather was William A. Mixon married to Julia Black. What a delight to find this site. My mother was Dora Mixon, daughter of William and my father was James Cecil Ross. I found all of us on the site. I'm thankful to be able to send this to my son, Robert Ellison. He live in Portland, Oregon. He has two sons, Benjamin Cecil Ellison and Eric Robert Ellison.

Troy N. Mixon mixontn@hotmail.com
Metairie, la
Date Posted: 3-1-2015 at 15:24
I am son of James Claude Mixon, grandson of Bain Peddy Mixon, and great grandson of Charles Mixon. Page73,86.
Enjoyed very much reading about my ancestors.

Patricia Ann Mixon pattibratton@yahoo.com
Yuma, Arizona
Date Posted: 2-1-2015 at 9:39
Hi Larry,I found your website yesterday by googling my
father Donald Gene Mixon who died Nov. 2005. It was
amazing! I KNEW MY grandfather Alva Lee Mixon was one of
thirteen children but that was all, the website is
amazing,thank you.
My father, Donald Gene who married Norma Sue Ritter had
three children Linda Christine,Donald Gene Jr.,but I am
not listed! I am the third Patricia Ann Mixon born
November 24, 1970 in Lubbock, Texas.
Thanks again for a fabulous website!

William "Billy" Joseph Mixon wmixon@live.com
Pass Christian, Mississippi
Date Posted: 1-12-2015 at 4:7
I am William "Billy" Joseph Mixon and the grandson of
Charles "Micky" Mixon. I am the son of Cindy Lee Mixon
(Reams), but I never met my father. I have traced my
family back to a Jehu Mixon and during the process I
found your site. Today I found out about the Mixon-
Mixson Volumes and look forward to learning more about
my family history.

jerry l mixon jerrylmixon@yahoo.com
marks mississippi , mississippi
Date Posted: 12-3-2014 at 5:59
i am a farmer in mississippi, the grand son of Jessie James Mixon
and would like to hear from other mixons.

Cynthia Zeitouni czeitouni@live.com
Pensacola, Florida
Date Posted: 11-10-2014 at 23:33
hi Larry--I heard about the 'Mixson Family History
Books, vol. I & II' somewhere before. I know that
my dad was son of Jesse James Mixon of MS. He was a
decendant of William Mixon (who came to Alabama from
SC in a covered wagon). I have seen pics of William
Mixon as an elderly man with a long white beard and
balding--just like my dad, his brothers, and my
grandfather Jesse.

Interesting development--I was at a gas station in
Pensacola, FL when I saw a truck parked nearby that
said, 'Mixon Landscaping' and a tall gentleman who
looked just like a healthy version of my dad stepped
out! He must have thought I was not quite right in
the head, but I tried to explain who I was and why I
was staring. I never heard of anyone with our
family name except in Braden, FL. Some of my family
said there was some family in Texas.

Years ago, I joined ancestery.cm but dropped my
membership. I tried to restart it but all the links
to John Mixon (of Captain Fauntleroy's ship
manifest) are closed for some reason.

Thank you for posting this.

Derrick Mixon doumixon@gmail.com
Atoka, Ok
Date Posted: 9-3-2014 at 15:45
I have always wondered why the different spellings in our surnames ?

Derek Mixon derek_mixon@yahoo.com
Amite, LA
Date Posted: 6-5-2014 at 9:49
I always enjoy reading up on the history of the family. Thank you so much.

Cassandra Daniel irelynnsmommy@hotmail.com
vidor, tx
Date Posted: 5-11-2014 at 0:7
I am hoping to update on the William Edgerton and Lillian Mix son
branch. Hazel Yvonne is my great grandmother and has passed away
bit family was always important to her. She passed January 7 2013. I
have several more updates on this branch if you are interested in

Libby Hyland hylandgl@verizon.net
Flower Mound, TX
Date Posted: 3-27-2014 at 11:21
Hi, Larry,
Thank you so much for all the info on Mixsonian.com.
My mother,(ref. 3542)Zoe Louise McCann was married to
Bert Kersch Mixon on August 11, 1934, in Spiro, OK when
she was 18 and Bert was about 19 or 20. Their marriage
lasted about five years before they divorced. You are
correct in stating they had no children. My mom's
parents were Winfred (Winn)and Bess (short for
Elizabeth) McCann of Spiro. The name "Holt" you gave
for Bess' middle name is actually the last name of
Winn's sister, also a Zoe, who married Charles Holt,
MD. I thought you might want to know this. Thank you
so much for all the info on Bert. I appreciate having
this for my tree on Ancestry.com. Sincerely, Libby

Candace Mixon Vann candymac1112@gmail.com
Amarillo, Texas
Date Posted: 2-3-2014 at 14:42
Thank you so much for all the hard work you put on this amazing website. A lot of questions about my family tree have been answered, but I do have one question concerning how to research and find any information about whether there is actually American Indian ancestors. I'm 65 years old and I've always been told that my great-grandfather, John Richard Mixon(2178) was married to Ida Elizabeth Taylor (daughter of Jim Rhodes Taylor and Gamill Taylor) and that she and her family were Choctaw Indian. I understand that the family didn't talk much about it because it carried a stigma at that time. So, any information concerning how to research this would be greatly appreciated.

Jamie-Sarah Carla Nixon Vaccaro jamiesarah101@yahoo.com
Arlington, TX
Date Posted: 1-27-2014 at 19:11
Hi Larry, what an extensive website on the Mixon/Mixson family! You've done an incredible job. Micah Mixon was my 6th g.grandfather and his daughter, Anna was my 5th g.grandmother on my father's side. Thank you so much for putting it together. It's given me a lot to go on in my family search.

Jamie-Sarah Carla Vaccaro

Nancy Mixon Garber nancymgarber@gmail.com
Tahlequah, OK
Date Posted: 1-9-2014 at 10:55
Hi Larry,
Thanks for all your research about the Mixon family. My great-grandfather was Nedom Allen Mixon, the son of Jesse Mixon (b. 1835), who was the son of Edward B. Mixon. According to my great-grandfather's death records, he was born in 1869, although I have seen his birth date listed as 1864 on several family trees. We can find no record of Jesse Mixon after the Civil War (he's not on the 1870 census). However, Mary Ann Ashley Mixon remarried to Elias B. Clark, and they appear on the 1880 census (along with Nedom and her other children by Jesse)in Florida. My question: have you come across any information that would help to explain the mystery of what happened to Jesse? And do we know if he served in the Cavalry or the Infantry in the Civil War? In military records, I find Jesse Mixon listed for both, but it doesn't indicate which county they're from. Thanks for any information you may have.
Nancy Mixon Garber

Carol Jean Wood jeanmiltonwood@gmail.com
Ocklawaha, Florida
Date Posted: 1-6-2014 at 18:43
Hi Larry!

I am the great grand daughter Of Thomas E. Mixon, b 1860, #3355 in your book, and Molly Taylor. My grandmother, was Catherine (Kate) Mixon. Do you know what happened to Thomas E. Mixon? I discovered recently that she divorced him in 1893, after having four children by him, Alice, Thomas, Kate, and Cleveland. We all thought he had died. I have searched for him, but can't find him. Maybe he left Florida.

I appreciate the hard work you have done for the Mixon/Mixson family. Let me know if you or someone else can solve the mystery. Thanks again.

Jean Wood

Malinda Lee Mixon Musser melindamusserPR@gmail.com
Atlanta, GA
Date Posted: 12-10-2013 at 16:33
Hi, I am 63 and the daughter of Mary Helen Hinnant Bass Mixon and Harvey D. Mixon, Jr. My grandmother was Alma Barton Mixon who married Harvey D. Mixon and they had 5 children. However, grandfather left after the 5th child, as he was unable to support the family. I met my grandfather when I was 18 at my Uncle Paul's house at Christmas, but he has always been a mystery to me. Basically some of his children forgave him (2), but the others (my dad for one) never forgave the desertion and refused to continue a relationship. When I was young Harvey D. Mixon came to our house and my dad refused to talk with him and make amends. It is fabulous to connect with this site. Thanks sincerely, Melinda

Garrett B R Mixon garrett_mixon@hotmail.com
Spokane, WA
Date Posted: 12-2-2013 at 2:48
Thank you for all of your hard work! I am the son of Perry Richmond Mixon, Grandson of Warren David Mixon. You have given me so much information about my family. I have a son named Bradley Mixon. Keeping the Mixon name alive.

Dawn Phillips mixond@windstream.net
Winterville, Georgia
Date Posted: 11-17-2013 at 22:12
This is my grandfather and grandmother on my dad's side.
3819 Rufus Clare Mixon - b. May 31, 1922, d. Dec. 23,
1982, m. Trudie Woods, b. Jan. 4, 1922, d. Dec. 5, 1991,
both bur. Old Canoochee Cemetery, Twin City, GA.
This is my dad's sister.
18222 Patricia Ann Mixon - b. May 6, 1953 d. Aug. 31,
How do I use the list to find out the mother and father
of my grandfather Rufus Clare (RC) Mixon?

Bayard Douglas Mixon Jr. farmboy45us@yahoo.com
Lucedale, Ms
Date Posted: 11-8-2013 at 12:24
This site brought to my attention by my Grandaughter. It brings back memories of childhood and relatives allmost forgotten

George Neil Mixon gnmixon@verizon.net
Chesapeake, VA
Date Posted: 6-3-2013 at 8:53
Great website Larry. I've discovered more about the "Mixon" lineage using your links than I probably ever would on my own. Thanks, Neil

Karen E. Griffin
Date Posted: 12-28-2011 at 20:47
I've just seen your site and want to thank you for filling in just who James J. Mixon/Mixson was m. to in the Perry family. In her father's estate settlement of 1841, James J. Mixon received a share. James Perry was twice married, but I think Maria must have been from his second wife Elenor Joyce. The Joyce and Mixon families are so intertwined and difficult to figure out that I've about given up and am just concentrating on the Perry part of it. My husband is descended from another dau. of James and Elenor's, Georgia Ann Perry.

Karen E. Griffin

Harold Seckinger HSECKINGER1@tampabay.rr.com
Homosassa, FL
Date Posted: 12-8-2009 at 14:8

Your Dad sent me the website. Yours is great and I will have to add
much more at a later time. We lived on the other side of the Andersons
from your grandfather's house. I have long tried to remember what
Wilber looked like; but it escapes me. I remember your grandmother

It is very interesting to read the geneology. I have not tried to post
mine; but I do have a website: www.oldgenttent.com

Kristy Mixson Caudron azebrac@bellsouth.net
Archer, FL
Date Posted: 3-25-2009 at 23:13
My sister sent me a link to your site and I have enjoyed discovering more about our family history as well as reading Grandma's diaries. Thank you for putting this together.

Danny Tillman dannytillman@gmail.com
Rising Sun, MD
Date Posted: 9-27-2008 at 11:5
Hey Larry, I've just got your Website from your dad and am enjoying reading it. Very interesting stuff!

I stop in from time to time to view your latest yoga trip photos!

Beverly <swampsparrow@hotmail.com>
Kosciusko, MS - 05/14/2008 at 00:01