Life Themes

  Over time, as we live our life, we find patterns, relations, connections of things and events that we have experienced.   I call these "Life Themes".   It can be something simple such as places we lived, pets we owned, books we read.  It may be a sport that we have done over the years such as baseball, it could be an activity such as fishing or scuba diving, it could be a hobby such as woodworking.  Life themes are a thread in the pattern of our life, weaving in and out of it over time.  Each photo below will take you to some of my life themes. 

HomeHome Renovation Renovation

Computers Computer
Fishing Larry with big fish
House Homes
Larry in Warrior 2 Yoga
Everyone on Grand Bahama Island Sports & Activities
Family Reunions
Thanksgiving at Gary's Farm 2002
Hobbies Model Boat Construction
Hats Theme Hats