Cars In My Life

I find it interesting how something such an everyday thing as cars have such an influence on one’s life.  At first you may not see something that is so ingrained in everyday life such as cars can have such an influence with you, but examine it closer you find it goes deeper, something deeply rooted.    We now take cars for granted, being there all our life’s but this is a recent thing.  My father has told me stories of how he rode a horse to school.  His mother, my grandmother, born in 1901 never drove a car even after living for 103 years.  I reflect back upon my relationship with cars and find it brings back memories, memories deeply rooted.  

Click on each photo below to follow down the path of the cars in my life.

  1984 Volvo 240 GL 
1993 Ford Explorer Sport 2005 For Explorer BMWi3

Chevy Colorado-2017