The first hat that I remember as a child was a U.S. Navy hat my uncle Gary gave me after he got out from the navy. Then there were “caps”, cub scout, boy scout, baseball team, but these were “caps” which I don’t really consider being true hats.  I got my first “real” hat when I was in my forty’s.  My wife asked what I might want for my birthday and I showed her a hat I saw in an Eddie Bauer catalogue which then got me.  I really liked the hat and started wearing it most all the time I was outside which was probably a good thing since I was pretty much bald on the top of my head.  Then I saw another hat and bought it, and then another and so on.  On some of my vacation trips I would see a hat and get it.  As seasons or situation changed, I found I need different hats, summer hats, fall hats, winter hats, casual hats, dress hats, etc., and my collection grew.  Below you will find my current hat collection and a bit about each one.  Click on “>” to see next hat.