The first hat that I remember as a child was a U.S. Navy hat my uncle Gary gave me after he got out from the navy. Then there were “caps”, cub scout, boy scout, baseball team, but these were “caps” which I don’t really consider being true hats.  I got my first “real” hat when I was in my forty’s.  My wife asked what I might want for my birthday and I showed her a hat I saw in an Eddie Bauer catalogue which then got me.  I really liked the hat and started wearing it most all the time I was outside which was probably a good thing since I was pretty much bald on the top of my head.  Then I saw another hat and bought it, and then another and so on.  On some of my vacation trips I would see a hat and get it.  As seasons or situation changed, I found I need different hats, summer hats, fall hats, winter hats, casual hats, dress hats, etc., and my collection grew.  Below you will find my current hat collection and a bit about each one.  Click on “>” to see next hat. 

Me on my bike with salor hat
My first real hat
A summer straw hat I bought in Mexico
A fall or spring cloth hat
A summer hat, well ventilated on top
A very find made Panama hat with black silk band
Another well ventilated summer hat
Another straw hat I got in Mexico
A travel hat, looks like straw but made of plastic so it travels well
My every day summer hat
Leather hat I got in Peru, one of my favorites
My Indiana Jones hat
Felt every day winter hat
Fabric fall and spring hat
Summer brown straw hat
Leather winter hat
Akubra Australia Cattleman felt hat
Leather Australia hat I bought when I was there
Simple hiking hat
Boat Captains' hat I got at Robert Simon's 100th birthday
Nerd propeller cap, not really a hat but had to put it on
Waxed cloth fisherman's hat, I thought I lost it but eventually found it