Journal Index

I have kept journals from time to time with my earliest ones written in notebooks the years after high school.  Over the following years I would ocassional write in journals but never on any consistant basis.   With advent of computers, I begin writting journal entries on the computer.   My journal (the ones I choose to pubish) can be found scattered thoughout the years and across pages on Mixsonian with many being found under my Lifeline pages.  This page collectes them under one index.   This index is not complete as it was created much later than the journal pages but I'll continue to add links to journal entries as I have time.

2000 - The Third Perspective

2000 - Yoga and the Ring

2000 - A Yoga Experience

2000 - Dusk at Grandma's House

2000 - A Dream

2000 - Fishing at Plantation Lake

1999 - Old Rag and Loss

1999 - Upcomming Birthday

1987 - Wendy

1980 - Birth Day

1979 - H20 and a Seven Oh Two and U

1979 - Nightfly

1979 - Tomorrow's Day

1974 - The Lonely Mind

1974 - Frozen Lake Dream

1974 - Early Morning

1973 - TheYears Go By