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I upgraded the memory in my IMSAI computer to 33 KB (yes that is Kilo Bytes) and started using it to write things using the basic text editor which were stored in text files on the disk.  The first “word processing” program, Wordstar, which ran on the CP/M operating system that I was running, had just come out in June but cost $495 which was half as much as my original IMSAI computer. I had bought a small dot matrix printer and just using the basic text editor typed up and printed the following.

Note:  “Type” is a CPM command and “NIGHTFLY.PME” is the filename stored on the 8-inch floppy disk.  There was no standard for suffixes at the time so “.PME” was my suffix for poem.

Journal Entry
September 7, 1979
Night Fly

Poem - Night Fly


Updated: 03-28-2023