Mixsonian Larry


H2O and a Seven Oh Two and U

Journal Entry
December 1979

h2O and a Sevon Oh Two and U

But is it one of the kind not found naught these days?
For it lies within a days ride from the old summer set.
You know the place, where the sun shines to warm the body.
The soul feels it, we know for it here we lie,
Deep into the earth were your cousins.
But what tell you we ask?
They not reply but soon so
We know but the buts tell
Trust them not, but trust them so.
Continue until…
I write the words as were told
Before they tell we go
But one of long ago
Rich in wisdom so seldom we know
To learn the meaning of why
But who are where such as I
The Gallop poll knows
Useless stutterings of the soul
To but be discarded to waste
Trackless the wanderless searcher goes
Searching but for the unknown reason
We find it not for we find it still Believe me,
H two O and A Seven OH Too and U
The glowing dark of green mellow terror came
rising out of the lagoon.
Ominous as it was green and fragile
Delicate as the wings of a white butterfly
Grounded in earthen might the clock stuck one
Spring forth from the glowing mass of obtuse stutterings.
Grouch of the morning stutters
The one being one of us
Ouch cries fourth
Oh my, does the man cry
No say I
But the mass still trembles at the sound running fourth
Sound of mind with roots sinking into the earth
Bring forth water the giver of life
The elm knows.

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