Mixsonian Larry
1972   1973 1974  


In 1973 I contiuned to work at the UF Soils Department part time as a full time student. 

Florida GatorIn the winter quarter I took Humanities 2, Data Structures, Seminar in CIS, and Physics 1. I did much better and note on my transcript says "Scholarship warning removed, March 19, 1973.

The spring quarter I took Humanities 3, Language and non-numerical data processing, Assembly Language I, Physics 2 making two A's and two C's. 

The fall quarter I took Structure of Programming Languages, Into to Electrical Engineering, Karate, Physics 3.  I made all A's and B's, my best college quarter thus far.   I contribute my B in physics to my my long time friend John StJacques who I studied with.

I took Karate to complete the required physical education requirement.  It my taking karate that led to me taking modering dance, but that is another story.

The Years Go By

The years go by so fast
That I hate to see them past
Because they are awfully slow
I see them live
I seem them die
And I lay down and cry
Because their here no more
And I get very sore
I do deplore
So I hate myself
And I love no more
If only I could
They say I should
But I disbelieve it all and I fall
I lay down and cry
In hope that is shall die
And I live on and on
Only to disbelieve
All that I shall see
And I lose all hope
That she shall ever see me
And I cry and cry
In hope that I shall die
But I still live and see
All the hopelessness around me
But in a very short time
Which will be very long
I hope she will come to me
Or else the world will lose me
So you see
The dreadful me
Only I don't see
What use it will be
When I am no more
So won't you please come to me
Please, please please.

Larry Mixson 1973