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 Wendy had gone home to her parent’s house in Indialantic for two weeks and was back in Gainesville for only a few days when I wrote…

September 15, 1973

Saturday afternoon. Raining, U of F football game tonight.
        (Florida played Kansas State and won 21 to 10.)

 Wendy just got back from vacation (she was gone about two weeks) and she told me Friday that she and Sean are getting married on December 22, my birthday, an auspicious day,  the first day of winter, the longest night of the year, the first day of Capricorn and the same day that my sister Brenda is getting married.  Wendy is one of the most beautiful people I know, I just wish it was me that she was marring.    Wendy went to Melbourne today. info  Wendy usually said her home was Melbourne but actually her parents lived in Indialantic which is a beach community across the Indian River from Melbourne.

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I might go to the football game with Sean and John from work.

Bought four new books today:
    The field of Zen by D.J. Suzuk
    Destination Void by Frank Herbert
    The fall of the Towers by Samuel R. Delany
    Cooking out of the World, by Anne McCaffrey (Science fiction writers favorite recipes)  

The fall quarter started September 18th and I signed up for the following courses.

Fall Quarter Courses

CIS-322    Structured programming Languages
EE-301       Intro to Electrical Engineering
EE-302       EE Lab
PL-127        Karate
PS-217        General Physics 3
PS-227        Physics Lab 3  

I still needed a physical education credit so after watching Kung Fu on TV, I signed up for Karate.  

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