Mixsonian Larry

Winter Quarter

In January the new Winter quarter started, and I was feeling good about things so I signed up for a full course load. I was intrigued with Computer Science, so I signed up for two courses. The department, being newly formed with new professors, had limited offerings so I signed up for what was available, Data Structures and a “Seminar in CIS” which the subject for that particular quarter was computer languages.  I also, after dropping the course the previous quarter, signed up for Physics again.

Winter Quarter Courses

CHN-221          The Humanities 2
CIS-321            Data Structures
CIS-590            Seminar in CIS
PS-215              General Physics 1
PS-225              Physics 1 Lab


In January the University of Florida Computing Center (UFCC) was renamed to be the Northeast Regional Data Center abbreviated NERDC and I officially became a Nerd.


Baptist Student Center

I started going to the Baptist Student center regularly where they often had socials but even when they didn’t, it was a nice place to just hang out.  It also was a good place to meet girls, after all, if my sister Brenda could meet her future husband there, perhaps I would meet a future wife.  It was there that I met Jane and Cindy.

Updated: 12-27-2022

Spring Quarter