Mixsonian Larry


Since meeting  Wendy last year, we had become good friends and would often get together, most often she would be with her boyfriend Sean who I became to like.  I wrote in my journal…

August 1st

I really like  Wendy a lot and would like to tell her so.  When she is close to me she drives me crazy. I think about her quite a lot. She seems to be the girl of my dreams. Understanding, soft, beautiful, intelligent, pleasant, she smiles a lot, laughs a lot and kids around with me a lot. But what pains me is that she's been going with a guy name Sean since high school and has been living with him for the past year.  I have been eating lunch with the two of them all summer and have been over to their place and them over to mine several times. I like them both. 

I would sometimes go over see them at their house.  They didn’t have a home phone and  Wendy said I could drop by anytime so I would occasionally do so.  I remember on one cool winter day dropping by to see them, Sean was as school,  Wendy invited me in and made us cups of Constant Comment tea and we sat their warming our hands around the cup and talked for an hour or more.  Ever since then I think of that moment with  Wendy when I smell Constant Comment tea. Often Sean would be there, but he didn’t seem to mind me dropping in to see them, he was as welcoming as  Wendy.  But it was not easy for me seeing them together.  Later I wrote…

I know she loves him so, and I know he can't help but to love her, so much I would hate myself if I ever came between them, which hurts because I love her. So I say nothing. I went over to their place yesterday at noon to get back my saw which Sean was using. When I walked up to their house the window was open and the way the house is built, one has to walk right by the window to get to the door, so I looked in and they were in bed sleeping in the nude.  It hurt me so thinking how extremely lucking Sean was to sleep with such a beautiful girl and make love to her.  I only wish it could have been me instead of him who she loved so.


Updated: 12-27-2022