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A New Era

A New Era

November 18th, I started a new journal which I tilted “A New Era” with the first entry…

There are about three weeks left in the quarter and I have a test tomorrow in EE.  I should be studying for it but I’ve been studying for the past 4 or 5 hours. I finished a painting this morning and took it over and gave it to Windy and Sean for a wedding present. Live is interesting and fun. Place no demands on life for it will then place no demands on you. What will happen will happen. Don’t try to make and shape your life* just point and direct it in the right direction, whatever it may be. * Note: 3/10/74 I’m not sure about life but possibly oneself.  

Bill seems confused and uncertain as what direction he wants this life to move towards. I feel that I should help direct him and help him see into himself, but can I? Should I? I don’t know. I’m going to start asking him questions about himself and try to set things up so he will ask questions about me. I usually feel that I got things together, (at least at this moment) and if he asks about me and I tell him how I feel about things it may help him to collect his thoughts. Whether or not they agree with my own thought doesn’t matter, what does matter is that he will at least from some kind of direction. My own direction seems unclear and fuzzy but the present is what we live in and it is most clear. I have a lot of ideas and thoughts about things but they change from minute to minute. I’ll be reading a book and come across a line that might reinforce or completed reverse and idea. Or I’ll be talking or listening to somebody and an expression that they make or something they say will give me new and/or different insight into myself and/or them.

Updated: 12-27-2022