Mixsonian Larry


Filled with Darkness

The room is filled with the darkness of light,
My mind with the thinking of you.
The sound of nothing in the air
But you voice I still hear
I laugh, I cry
You are not here
So where are you when I'm in need?
Such emotion, I forget
belongs not to men you have picked
Taking my cape off I knightly bow
placing it over your troubled ground
I with my soiled cape in hand
watch you stroll by into the past.


Purple haze thick and deep
Makes me bow, makes me weep
I hope, I pray
I leave, I stay
Sitting about gathering dust
I grow old  

Infinity is yet to be close
But close I am to things to be
Sky grows dark
All becomes dim
All hope, all future
Yet to be, shall be
And still it apprehends

Standing There

Standing there with hair of gold
Standing there with face alight
Standing there with love so deep
Standing there with love to meet
Standing there I reach to grasp
Standing there with her in my arms
Standing there with lips so warm

Updated: 12-27-2022