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From my early years as a kid I have had some sort of work to make money.   My first jobs were just one time endeavors or summer jobs. I remember as a kid my brother and I went out to Grandpa Junior's place and picked up pecans, put them in bags and then went around the neighborhood selling them.   One time we gathered hickory nuts and tried to sell them.   One summer Grandpa Junior planed a acre of cantaloupes and my uncle Gary got a pick up truck and we picked a truck full of them and then went from house to house selling them.   I remember one woman pressing her thumb on the stem end of a cantaloupe and her thumb went right though it.   When David and I were a bit older we mowed lawns in the neighbor hood in the summer.  We would charge four or five dollars per lawn.  There were a couple of summers David and I would go out to Grandpa Juniors and do yard work.   I, being older, got to use the riding lawn mower which was kind of fun but it was hot hard work.  After we were done we would jump in the swimming pool and swim until dad came to pick us up.   When I was a teenager I would sell cokes at the University of Florida football games.  I remember the game in 1966 in which Florida was down about 10 points and in the last five minutes of the game and they came back to win. Steve Spurrier was the quarterback and he won the  Heisman Trophy that year.