Mixsonian Larry


2445 SE 10th Street
Gainesville, FL


 Mom says in her diaries that when I was born they lived in a small house next door to thier best friends Betty and Billy.  In 1953 they moved to a an appartment of of East University on 9th street, info In 2019 I was driving Dad down NW 13th street when a few blocks from University Avenue he points down a side street and said "We used to live in an appartment down there." then again to a house near Betty and Billy on NE 8th street and then once again to the house on SE 10th street where we lived until I was five.

Playing on the Swing set Me, Brenda, David and Sammy Playing

I have vague memories of living at the this house, playing in the yard, one Christmas I got a train and Rick and Sammy the next door neighbor boys. 

We moved from this house when I was five.