Bullet was Anne's dog. Anne got Bullet after her and Julie moved to Florida and were living in Titusville at the time. Bullet was a cross between a cocker spaniel and I think poodle.  He looked just like our old dog Happy, medium in size with shaggy black hair. Bullet had more energy than three dogs his size. He was always hyperactive running around, jumping up on things and just crazy. He loved to catch lizards and frogs. He would dig in the sand around Julie's house for these little frogs which he would chew up and eat and they would cause his mouth to foam like he had rabies. After Julie and I got married, Julie, Anne and Bullet moved in with me. Bullet was always a lot of fun but he often was out of control. Sometimes when we would go places we would open the sliding door of the van and he would jump in and go with us. One day Julie, Anne and I were leaving and we told Bullet to stay. We pulled on onto the street and hadn't gone a hundred feet when Bullet came racing out and ran under the van and got ran over. We all go out and went back to find him in the road with the saddest look on his face. He tried once to get up then collapsed and died. It was the saddest thing and I felt so bad for I had run over him. I remember Anne kept asking if we were sure he was dead for he still had his eyes open. We dug a grave in the back of the yard and buried him there.