Places I Have Lived

The following are places that I have lived and some comments on each of them.


2445 SE 10th Street
Gainesville, FL

1952-1957 I have vague memories of living at the this house, playing in the yard, one Christmas I got a train and Rick and Sammy the next door neighbor boys.  Mom talks about it in her diaries.  We moved from this house when I was five.
27 NW 36th Drive
Gainesville, FL

House1957-1970 This is the house I have many fond memories of.  We moved here when I was five and my parents lived here for 40 years.  Picture here was taken in 1998.
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2049 NW 36 Ave.
Gainesville, FL

2049 NW 36 Ave1970-1973 The year after I graduated from high school, 1971, I moved out and moved in with Bill into a two bedroom duplex.  Bill and I lived in the left side.  More recent photo at left. 

3037 SW Archer Rd.
Gainesville, FL
1973-1975 After three years of living with Bill I finally I wanted to have a place of my own and moved to a small house on Archer road.
Route 1, Box 466
Micanopy, FL

(Now North West 130 Ave)

Old Mixson HouseIn 1975-1976 my Aunt Iva Mae's old Mixson homestead house was empty and she rented it to me.   Picture at left was taken in 1994 shows the house much as it was when I lived there although the wood fence was new. 2008 House Picture at right below is the house after being restored by my uncle Jim Mixson in 2008.   The room with the chimney was my bed room.  See also what my Grandma Mixson had to say about the house in the old times.
147 Washington Ave.
Indialantic, FL

147 Washington Ave1976- 1979 When I first moved to "Melbourne"  in 1976 I actually lived in Indialantic which was the beach town just across the river from Melbourne.  I got a two bedroom duplex apartment that was right off of A1A and a block from the ocean.  I lived in the right side.

192 Easy Street
Melbourne, FL
Yes, I lived on East Street.  This was the first house I bought in 1979 for around $35,000.  Julie and Anne moved in the year we got married.  Left is my 1968 Lotus in front of the house.
1891 Tallpine Rd.
Melbourne, FL

1891 Tallpine198x-1988 We sold the house on Easy street and moved  to this newer and larger house on Tallpine. 

1519 Autumn Ridge Circle
Reston, VA, 20190

In 1990 we lived in a townhouse here the first year Julie and Anne moved to Reston.

2090 Lake Audubon Court
Reston, VA 20191

In 1991-1994 we move to a townhouse overlooking Lake Audubon.  It was most beautiful to look out over the lake during the different seasons.

11520 Sunder Court
Reston, VA 20190

SunderbriarWe bought this house in 1994.Sunderbriar I sold it in Feburary 2018 and rented back for two months before I moved to Florida.
8294 NW 52nd Street
Gainesville, FL 32653
New Gainesville HouseUpon retiring in 2018 I moved back to Gainesville Florida where I had this new house built. I moved into it in September.