Mixsonian Larry

As Evening Falls

Dad came over for dinner tonight and afterwards we sat in the chairs on the back porch.  As evening approached, Dad commented how it was nice it was, it had cooled off from the afternoon heat, there was a slight breeze, and I agreed, it was nice out.  We saw the new pair of bluebirds going in and out of the bird house, a pair of pigeons under the bird feeder and the mocking bird trying to keep the other birds away.  Dad’s dog wondered about under our feet or out onto the lawn.  The sun setting, the sky aglow, Dad telling me a story about times of his past, times long ago.  As we now sit, father and son, on the porch as evening falls, so did dad with his and his dad before him.   

  As evening is a time of transition, no longer day but not yet night, as special time of in-between.  In the country, sitting on the porch, if you pay careful attention, the air cools, a slight breeze, the sound of a bird, a dog barking in the distance, fireflies start to come out, a whippoorwill’s haunting sound.  It brings about memories of the past, a time long ago, not only for me but for my dad as he sits beside me telling me a story from when he was a child. 

More to this story to come…

Larry Mixson, 05.06.2019