Mixsonian Larry


   The main characters:

 Morris Darlington Mixson, age 22, the son of Wilbur and Rosalie Mixson. Morris lives with his parents on a dirt road about 10 miles south of Micanopy.  His parents, Wilbur and Rosalie are small time farmers. Morris returned from serving in the Navy during World War II and, though the Veteran program, got a job in the Chemistry Department at the University of Florida.  

Barbara Rose Junior, age 16, the daughter of Fred and Waive Junior. The Juniors lived fifty miles to the south from Morris’s house in Ocklawaha on the north side of Lake Weir.  Barbara’s parents are Fred and Waive Junior. Fred Junior is a Baptist minister, or “preacher” as they are called in the south.  In addition to being a minister, Fred always had some sort of business which at this time was a roadside stand which he sold Chenille products (linens), fruit, shells, lawn ornaments including pink flamingos.  Barbara just graduated 11th grade at Weirsdale Highschool.  

Barbara's siblings:

- Sue, age 14

- Dixie, age 12

 - Carole, age 11

- Gary, age a 8

 - Fred Jr. (Freddie or Corky), age 1

Morris' brothers:

- Adrian, age 27

 - Arnold, age 19


Note: The spelling and punctuation are as it was written by Barbara and Morris. Morris never uses a question mark. Night is always spelled “nite”, "awfull" is spelled with two l’s, until is just “til”  and so on.

The Setting