Rosalie Anderson Mixson Diary
By Rosalie Anderson Mixson

Fishing With Grand Ma

Written for Rosalie Anderson
December 25, 1903

By the pretty water, by the pretty pond
By your pretty daughter of whom you are so fond
Let us go a-fishing, my Grand Ma Dear and I -
I am sure I am wishing a little perch to fry.
And we will go astroling through the wood
The goats and sheep are feeding and calling for the lamb
And Grand Ma is leading and holding me by the hand.
Yander we see gleaming the shining water so clear
The fish are seeming uh in the water near.
But who shall catch the fishes
But Grandma and I
And who shall wash the dishes after they are fryed?


Note: This poem was written on a piece of paper inserted in the front cover of the diary. I am not sure who wrote it for Grandma was only two years old, perhaps her mother or an older sister? I added the title "Fishing With Grand Ma.  This poem has always touched me for I have such fond memories of fishing with Grandma so I include it in my Deeply Rooted stories.