Mixsonian Rosalie


I never spanked my children after they were 12 years old. I said by that time if they hadn’t learned how to behave they never would. They were quiet children, too quiet. They never told me a lie. If they told me that was the way it was I believed them. I gave them that trust when I thought they did anything wrong and their dad would say, “Peggie you had better give those boys a whipping”, and I’d ask them if they had done so and so, and they always said yes if they had, then I’d cry and couldn’t punish them.

We spent the week with Bessie once when the boys were small, Mr. Turner, Bessie’s husband was alive then. Wendell, Bessie ‘s only son, and Morris were just 10 months difference in their ages, and Arnold was three years younger. They played in the stream of water near their house and were real good boys. When we left Mr. Turner told me had never seen nicer children and quite enjoyed having us.