Wilbur and Rosalie Post Cards
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Easter card from Cora addressed to Miss. Rosalie Anderson, Bonaventure, Fla.
Dated: 1906
"Lovers Lane, Saint Jo."
On back: "WOMAN'S WORLD", Largest circulation in the World. Greatest reading value in the World. Send 25¢ for full year subscription and this set of 12 Post Cards, sent free and postpaid at once.   Miss Rosalie.
Dated 1908

December the 17, 1910.  Wishing you a marry Christmas.  From your Uncle J. A. Anderson.
"Union R.R. Station, Plant City, Fla."
Dear Rosalie, We came to Okeechobee about two weeks ago.  Leighton saw Indians nearby every day. I have not seen any yet. I hear there are lots of Herckle.  Leighton has a squirrel.  Miss Vera my school teacher is coming Tuesday. Pauline.  Okeechobee, Fla. Box 304.  Addressed to: Miss Rosalie Anderson, Micanopy, Fla. Postmarked: OKLE HOLE, FLA June 15, 1915
"The Boat Landing, Silver Springs. near Ocala, Fla."
Hello! Girls: What are you doing since school closed?  I have been to two picnics since I been home.  Sure had a fine ? me.  Hope your are enjoying vacation.  Write to me.  Your loving teacher. Miss Abbie. Addressed to: Miss Rosalie Anderson, Micanopy, Fla.
Postmarked: GAITER, FLA April 10, 1915
How are you these warm days! I am some better but not well yet. I will write a letter as soon as I can.  Yours truly, Laura.  Addressed to: Mr. W.D. Mixson, Micanopy, Fla.  R.F.D. #2 
Postmarked: MARTEL, FLA. May 18, 1915
"Florida Homes, Palmetto, Fla."
Palmetto, Fla.  Dear Rosalie, I often think of you dear children if I have been a long time writing and want to see all of you.  Write me all the news.  Your loving teacher, Abbie Stokes.  Another girl here named Abbie."  Addressed to: Miss Rosalie Anderson, Micanopy, Fla.
Postmarked: TAM May 11,1915
"Truck Farming in Florida"
Ocala, Fla. Orange Ave. Rt A box 35
Hello!  Why didn't you come to the picnic? I missed you.  Write to me.  Lovingly, Miss Abbie.  Addressed to: Miss Rosalie Anderson, Micanopy, Fla. R #2
Dated 1916
"East Side School, Thomasville, GA."
Hello Rosalie: I know you are piping hot with me not writing to you before now.  But dear I have been busy every minute since I hit Thomasville.  Am getting along fine at school.  This is one of the schools 2 go to. To take cooking and sewing.  How do you like it looks.  Will see you in about two weeks from now.  Sure am crazy to see you. Bye bye, as ever, your chum. Bertha.  Addressed to: Miss Rosalie Anderson, Micanopy, Fla. R.F.D. #2
Postmarked: THOMASVILLE, GA December 7, 1919
Des Moines Iowa, July 19, 1920
Dear Little cousin Rosalie, It has bee a long time since I've wrote to you - will try to do better here after.  The are wel and neel and hop you & yours are also.  We are having some real summer weather here now. The ? here have been has been a little backward this year.  I have been busy intertaining company for the last couple of weeks.  I had a girl friend from Okalahoma here.  My sister Bessie and her boys? also have a meek-los have her second boy with us now.  We are going to dinner over to Aimes this Eve.  it is 35 miles from here to take Freddie Rome he has had his visit out.  Mama keeps pretty well for here.  She has improved greatly in the last few months.  I'm home (Okalahoma) last month for a wedding, was only gone four days.  Your Auntie & Uncle my best.  Be a good girl and write me.  Miss you, Love H. Marie
"Christmas Tidings"
The family is having New Years dinner here Jan. 2, 1927. You all be sure and come.  Love Viola P Family.  Addressed to: Mr. P. Mrs. Wilber Mixson, Micanopy, Fla.
Postmarked: MICANOPY FLA, December 27, 1926
"Home made Valentines card"
To The Children
From Grandma Anderson

Dated: 1923