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Rosalie Anderson Mixson Writings
By Rosalie Anderson Mixson

Oh! Am I 80?

Here I am in my 80's. The years go by so gradually you don't know you are getting so old! At times you feel about 50 then the next week you are feeling your age or 100. One thing you can remember so many things. In 1906 there were hardly any cars. I had never seen one but one day while playing out by the shell road along Indian River, one went by or something making a loud noise that Andrew and I ran to the house to tell mama. Then I remember the first phonograph called the "Victor". It had a horn shaped like a flower. The telephone was so new, some were afraid to talk on it. School busses were pulled by horses. On the east coast orange groves were flurshing - cattle, hogs ran wild people fenced their fields. The past time of country was fishing and going to church. First President I can remember Teddy Rosavelt. 

Wild cats, skunks, possums, they would put their paws thru the wire pen where the hens were and kill them. Skunks got into the old hen & biddies pen and Papa killed it with a rock and smelled like a skunk for a long time. Grandma made him leave his shoes outside The sand was as white as sugar at Bonaventure Fla at Mims Orange Grove where Papa worked as an overseer. Mama buried Papas cloths and never found them again.