Wilbur and Rosalie Photos
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Wilbur, Rosalie, Morris and Arnold

Wilbur and Morris at 5 months

Adrian age 4 and Myrtice

Morris age 14, Bobby the dog and Arnold age 11

Wilbur one big old bass and the old truck.  The old house is on the left and the orange tree on the right.

Morris, Wilbur, Adrian (in Merchant Marine uniform) and Rosalie.

Morris, Adrian, Arnold and Wilbur in Hospital

Rosalie and Wilbur in Hospital

Wilbur in WWI
Wilbur leftmost, back row.

Battleship Missouri that Wilbur went to France on.

Wilbur and "Old Red" in front of house.
Note that the front bedroom and front porch had not been built yet, the window became the door into the front bedroom.

Wilbur at farm gate.

Wilbur and Rosalie

Wilbur standing in front of orange tree.

Wilbur and a big one.

Wilbur, Arnold and I (Rosalie) caught these fish at Sallys Pond near Lendick.
(written on back)