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About Mixsonian

   Mixsonian is an archive of stories, photos and genealogy of Larry Mixson and the Mixon/Mixson family.  My original intent was just to play around with creating a website using some of my photos and stories and so I needed a domain name for the website.  The name “Mixson.org” was already taken (by a relative) so I had to come up with another name.  Living in Virginia just outside of Washington, DC at the time I often visited the Smithsonian Institute, so it seemed appropriate to call my website “Mixsonian”.  After adding a few pages and photos it grew with more photos and stories about myself and then later about my family.     

   The genealogy pages started after “rediscovered” my father’s copy of the Mixon/Mixson Family volumes written by James Leslie Mixson.  Since I was listed in Volume I (p. 128) I started with a few pages tracing my family back to John Mixon I who came to Virginia around 1650. Later I added some additional family members and then a few years later the entire three Mixon/Mixson volumes of around 5,000 decedents of John Mixon I.  Over the course of the next 15 years, with additional research, the Internet and contributions of persons finding my website, I now list 20,000 additional descendants.     

   Mixsonian is a continuing work and I continue to add additional pages of stories, photos and genealogy.    

 Life is a discovery of the past, present and future.  


Larry Mixson