Mixsonian Morrs and Barbara Larry


Dad in Key WestIn July Mom and Dad went to Miami and Key West by themselves while we kids stayed with Aunt Carole and Aunt Dixie, both who were recently divorced and were living at Grandpa Junior’s Ranchette.  Grandpa had built a triplex house on the Ranchette where Carole and her kids, Dana, Vandy and Carrie lived in one unit and Dixie with baby Kristi in another and a babysitter for Carol and Dixie’s kids stayed in the third.  We kid hardly missed Mom and Dad while they were gone as we loved being at the Ranchette, swimming in the pool and plaMom in Key Westying all day.  Gary and Corky were there, still at home with Grandma and Grandpa.  One day Gary appointed himself the Director of Recreation at the Ranchette and was always planning and coordinating things to do, games, riding the horse and donkey, games in the pool and so on.  It was a festive atmosphere at the ranch with Gary directing the activities and if anyone complained, the punishment was being thrown into the pool which we kids didn’t mind to much but on occasion adults would get thrown, even on Grandma and Grandpa Junior on occasion.  Gary and Corky often did practical jokes.  Corky describes one of them:

   Gary laid the groundwork, telling Carole and Dixie in a very serious tone, that he heard on the radio on the way home that a dangerous convict escaped and was in the area and they should make sure to lock their doors.  Meanwhile, Corky dressed up in dark clothes, pulled Gary’s black wool Navy hat down over his hears, had a fake plastic knife, and having a spare key, snuck into Carole’s house and hid in one of the closets.  When Carole and the girls came into the house he sprang out and ran around chasing them.  Carole said she about peed in her pants before she caught on.

Updated: 08-18-2022