Mixsonian Larry

Sinkholes, Caves and the Devil’s Millhopper
A trip to hell and back

Sight of Hell

The new tunnel was fairly easy to walk through although on more than one occasion he bumped his head before he learned to walk with his hand raised above him.  At one he though he saw some light, he wasn’t sure at first thinking his mind was playing tricks on him in the dark but soon the light grew a bit brighter and saw a red glow, the same red glow from the mist.  He approached cautiously, the light came from an inch sized hole in the wall and casting a beam in a funnel of red light across the tunnel making red spot on the opposite wall.  Warren went to the hole to peer thought it placing his hands on either side of the hole only to find out the wall was too hot to touch so he quickly withdrew his hands then bent over and looked through the hole with one eye and immediately pulled back in fear.  He saw a ghastly sight, like a scene from Dante’s Hell.  After a moment to let his heat stop pounding, he peered again through the hole seeing a vast cavern bathed in red light coming from flows of glowing hot lava flowing though channels carved into rock. 

In the cavern were people carrying rocks and boulders on their stooped shoulders, or at least he thought they were people, it was hard to tell as their skin appeared to be blackened and charred like a burnt piece of chicken on the grill.  Roaming around the amongst the people was a giant three headed dog which each head snapping at the people to make them work faster.  Drool dripped out of the mouths of the dogs. One of the people, seeing the drool must have thought that dog drool would quinch his thirst and reached out with his hand to take some as the dog passed by only to find the drool was like acid burning the man’s hand leaving bare bone.  The man turned as if indifferent having no flesh on his hand, picked up his rock and went back to work.

The Pit