Mixsonian Larry

Sinkholes, Caves and the Devil’s Millhopper
A trip to hell and back

Long lost Soul

It was on the third day that he felt like he was making progress, which waythe passageways seemed to be going more often upwards, and after going though another tight squeeze laying on his belly, had a fairly long stretch of tunnel that was easier travelling when he came to another opening that was larger than what he could easily reach so he took out his matches finding only two were left.  Using a match would make it easier to see which way to go but then he would only have one match left.  If he didn’t use a match he could wander around for hours before finding a way out.  He decided, lit a match seeing the tunnel branched into three directions before him, which to choose, right, center or left, he saw something on the floor at the edge of the match light, he holds the match a bit higher and sees, a bleached white skeleton with a bonny finger pointing at the right most tunnel.  How long had that long lost soul been there, Warren wondered, had the man followed the devil into the earth like he had and found this same way out? Warren questioned.  Was the way the skeleton was pointing the way out or would he end up another skeleton pointing the way.  Only one way to find out Warren decided and it was standing here and he proceed down the right tunnel. 

Hint of Air