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James Darlington Mixson & Family - (see #766) Photo Album

James Darlington and Family
Top Row: Left to Right: Job, Gilbert, Estelle, James Darlington Mixson, Lula.
Middle Row: Henry, Viola, Wilbur <my grandfather>.
First Row: Charlie, Bessie, Alice (with hearing aid), Lois and Maxey

James Darlington Mixson
"Grandpa Mixson"

Alice Mixson

Henry, Job, Gilbert, Maxie, Charlie Mixson
James Roades, bob Bush and Ed Mack, Blacks
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Maxie Mixson, Bonnie R. Her Bro. & Bessie Mixson
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Bessie Ola Mixson picture where a baby and her mother Mrs. James Darlington Mixson, 1894
Bessie borned Nov. 5, 1894
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