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Mixon-Mixson Genealogy

5605 Meredith Kerr Mc Cullough (dau. ) b. Feb. 5, 1973.

5606 James Marvin Lisenby - b. Mar. 17, 1942

5607 Betsy Louise Lisenby - b. Mar. 15, 1943
m. (1) Marshall Conner (now deceased) (No children)
m. (2) Capt. Dieter Rietz, July 11, 1971



New Brockton, Alabama November 1, 1931

Dear Ella and Merle:

In my judgment, our old ancestor, George Law, was born not far from the year 1750. Grandfather Isaiah Law was b. April 23, 1784. I feel real sure there were three or four children older than Isaiah. Father and some of his cousins went to South Carolina visiting the old home folks when he was about 12 years old. His grandfather was getting very feeble. He was low in stature, red in his complexion with black hair and black eyes, but with very white hair in his old days. The names of the boys were Billy, Jimmy, David, Isaiah, Jarrett, George, John, Thomas and Henry. The girl was named Mary and she was the mother of Cousin Margaret Smith, wife of Sion Smith. They lived near Clayton, Alabama, and paid us a visit in 1871. It is said that uncle Billy Law was the founder of the Methodist Church, always active in the Church and Sunday School (the Church was known as Law's Chapel). Isaiah Law was born April 23, 1874, d. Oct. 18, 1840. On January 2, 1808, he married Margaret Washburn - b. July 28, 1788, d. Sept. 6, 1828. Their children were James, Sarah, John A., Martha Agnes, and Isaiah Thomas Law, Jr., all born in Darlington District, SC Isaiah Law moved to Macon County, GA where he and his wife died. I. T. Law, Jr., was born Oct. 22, 1820 and married Nancy Lee on Nov. 20, 1845. They had ten children, Martha, David, John, Elisha, Margaret, Millard, Thomas, Henrietta, Ella and Henry. They moved from Macon County, GA to Coffee County, AL in the winter of 1848-49 at which time they had only two children. All their children lived to be grown. I. T. Law, Jr., was politically a Whig and bitterly opposed to secession, however, he was called upon to lead a company of men during the war.

My mother's father was Timothy Lee and she was Elizabeth Murray before her marriage. Grandfather Lee died about 1845 when the youngest were almost babes and the oldest just reaching manhood. The names of the children were Moses, James Nancy, Temperance, Martha, Sarah, Jesse, Joshua and John.

There was an affinity existing between White Horse Harry Lee of Virginia and Timothy Lee.

Your devoted brother,
s/ John Law

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