1966   1967

Grade:             Ninth
Where:            Gainesville, Florida
School:            Westwood
       English         Hodges
                            Algebra         McGill
                            BSCS           Jones
                            Spanish        Warren
                            Phys. Ed.      Jones-Parker
            Typing          Cone

Spanish Class

The one thing I remembered most about this year was Spanish class.   When the year began Westwood was over crowded and they were short of classrooms so they put up a temporary partition at the end of one of the hallways and that's where our class was held.  After a month or so they opened the new wing and we moved into a regular class.  I had real hard time with Spanish, not only having difficulty in remembering all the vocabulary but an even worse time with the pronunciation.   One day Ms. Warren asked me to say the Spanish word for grandmother.  I said "abuela", or thought I did but didn't say it right.  Ms. Warren then had me say it over again about six times, each time saying "no that's not quite right".  I never did get it.  I really struggled with the vocabulary and was close to making flunking the class having made several F's.  So for one particularly had vocabulary test I made a cheat sheet which I put on my seat under my leg.  Well Ms. Warren caught me and I was sent to the Principle's office.  I was really embarrassed and afraid.  The Principle talked to me, which I don't remember a thing about, and then went back to class.   I ended up the year with a D average, the worst I ever did in any class.  I never cheated again.