Bhagavad Gita Workshop
With Doug Keller 

I wanted to say that very much enjoyed this workshop on Wisdom and Realization. It struck several cords within me. I found it inspiring, enlightening and, in some respects, disturbing. Let me explain further. 
I have only been studying yoga for three and a half years so I realize I do not have the understanding and experience of one who has study longer. On the other hand, in this short time yoga has had a profound effect upon me and my life. I started taking yoga more as a "it seems interesting" kinda attitude and I thought it would help with my flexibility. In this respect it met and exceeded my expectations. What I didn't expect was the effect it would have upon my life. 

This workshop was particularly poignant in its effect upon me. Most interesting was that I had first read the Bhagavad-Gita at your first workshop at Gray Bear last year. Susan had loaned me two different translations, one more literal and one more poetic. During the weekend at Gray Bear I alternated reading sections from each. From that experience, I gained knowledge of the more literal translation of the Gita but not as much the philological or spiritual. Your workshop provide this greater understanding and insight.
I have been going though considerable changes in my life the past couple of years in my relationships, my work and my view and approach to life. In some ways these are not as much changes but the bring forth what was already within me. What I found most interesting was that there were several instances in your talk that had particular meaning to me. In some cases it was things that happed many years ago, in cases things more recent. 

One of the things you spoke about was something about how children can sometimes see or sense things in people. I am not sure all of what you said for when you said this I had an immediate flashback to something that happened the previous weekend. I was meeting someone at Lake Anne for dinner, when, arriving a few minutes early I sat on a stone in the Lake Anne center. There was a small child around three years old playing amongst the stones and when she saw me she came to me and just looked at me. I said hi and asked her name and then proceeded in the next ten minutes or so to engage in a conversation with her until my dinner engagement arrived. This was not something new for me for I have found over the years that children (and dogs and cats :-) seem to sense something about me that they want to engage me.

This was just one of several things about what you said or the scriptures you presented that had some particular importance to me. Some in my past, some in the present and, some, particularly about my work (in the computer field) and my relation to the people I work with, expectations about work and people at work coming to me for advice. What I found from you discussion was that it presented a perspective or framework in which to view myself and these events.

Thank you for sharing your insight and experience,

Larry Mixson April 4, 2001