Anusara Teacher Trainers' Workshop in Annapolis
With Suzie Hurly, Jenny Otto and Betsy Dowling

Let me start by saying that it was a most wonderful experience. It was everything I had hoped for and more than I expected. Having never done such a workshop before I did have some uncertainty and anxiety about the workshop. The Thursday before I had class with Susan (Van Nuys) and after class I asked her what I it might be liked. She provided me with a short outline of the workshop and gave me a brief view of the three instructors. Not knowing how long it would take me to arrive there from Reston on Friday during rush hour I left early, and being my usual self, arrived early. The directions were perfect and when I arrived, I saw the facility and the Chesapeake Bay foundation facility next door and wondered if I was at the right place. I got out and looked around and found I was at the right place, with the upstairs room at the swim center was a most appropriate place for the workshop, wood floors and a wonderful view of the bay. I picked out a place for my mat in the front right center, in front of a window. Soon the other classmates arrived, the teachers arrived and we began. You, the teacher did you introductions. Only Betsy had I met before and even she I had never taken instruction from. Although I have been taken lessons from the Health Advantage studio for several years, Betsy moved to Florida before I had the opportunity to take class from her. The opening that Friday evening set the tone of the workshop with the introduction of the three A's of Anusara yoga. Suzie did Attitude, Jenny did Action and Betsy closed with Alignment. Afterwards I asked Jenny how they, choose who would do each of the three A's and she replied, "It just kind of worked out", and how appropriately so would I find out. That first evening we did restoratives, I came away relaxed after the work week and thought I would sleep well that night. As it turned out I was so excited about the workshop I slept little that night. 

Come Saturday Jenny opened with wonderful instruction and display of Action. She quickly gained my attention and respect. Her knowledge of anatomy and how to apply it to Anusara yoga I found captivating. Suzie then provide to provide a hearting display of Attitude that afternoon. I have never experienced such joy, such heartwarming… Attitude. Come Sunday Betsy provide a wonderful demonstration of Alignment. Having taken classes for some time from Susan Van Nuys and Doug Keller I had experienced Betsy's "style" before and felt familiar and comfortable with it. Jenny's style, although somewhat similar, had a more intensity, or action to it. I found I also was comfortable with her. Suzie on the other hand had a much different style, so much from the heart, so much feeling, so much emotion. Each of you have your own style, your own strengths.

When I examine the experience I find that I have learned and gained much. From Jenny I gained knowledge of anatomy and action, from Suzie I learned attitude and teaching from the heart. I would say I learned the least from Betsy, not because she was any less effective but because her style I have become very familiar with from her student Susan and from Doug. I find that I had the most difficulty with Suzie, her openness, her joy, her giddiness I sometimes found distracting. On the other hand it what Suzie presents that is probably what I need the most.

I could not imagine that any one instructor could provide the experience that the three of you together provided. Attitude, Action and Alignment were never so well illustrated as they were from the three of you. I thank you from my heart. 


Larry Mixson March 17, 2001