Jamie Allison Workshop
October 5-7 2001

            I once again find myself reflecting upon the experience of a yoga workshop.  I thought I would be more prepared for the post workshop feelings this time after the feelings that arose after the Desiree workshop but I find that the feelings, thoughts and insights come crashing down upon me much as they did before.   Being home alone I felt empty after such a wonderful feeling of openness, connectedness and sharing not only from Jamie as the teacher but also with the other students. 

            The workshop experience begin a day earlier then I had expected when, much to my surprise, you sent me an email asking I could take Jamie to class on Thursday night.   I felt both pleased and honored to do so.  Pleased that you would think of me to ask me to do so and honored at the opportunity to spend a few minutes with her, to sense what she is like.  I did very much enjoy talking with Jamie those few moments on the way to the studio. 

            After a long stressful week at work I was very much looking forward to the Friday night session to change my focus and let it go.  I was not disappointed.  What was in the brochure as a “light” session turned out to be a bit more then light which was just what I needed.  From the beginning Jamie’s presence and aurora set the tone for a most wonderful experience.  I came home in a relaxed and peaceful state and slept well that night.

            I found the Saturday sessions to be a very good review of the principles of Anusara Yoga.  Jamie has a most clear way of demonstrating and explaining them that I very much enjoyed.  In many ways she reminded me of your teaching style.  As always there were some new, finer points that Jamie presented in some new light that provided me with some new insight into attitude, alignment or action.  With my commitment to learning how to teach yoga, I found myself not only listening to “what” Jamie was teaching but the “how” she was teaching. 

            The Sunday morning session was most enjoyable not only from the challenge of the more intense workout but from the challenge of a new pose that I never had done before.  I find that in such classes I reach out more then I do in regular weekly classes, it is a good feeling.  Something that I had tried before but could quite do was going from Bakasana into Chaturanga Dandasana.   With additional focus I was successful at doing so on Sunday.   Another new pose for me was Dvi Pada Viparita Dandasana which I found to be most fun, I really like the backbends.

            The Sunday afternoon session was interesting and I “filed” away the information adding to my store of yoga therapeutics knowledge.  Not currently teaching, the information is not as applicable to me as it may practicing teachers but I do find that useful in applying it to my own practice. 

            It was a wonderful experience to study with Jamie and I do look forward to doing so again.

Larry Mixson, October 5, 2001